Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shockingly, A Mucisal Show About a Glee Club Includes Gays!

A. If you don't like it, change the channel...Watch Pat Robertson or something
B. You can't have a musical show about a Glee club without gay people...Just as you can't have any fashion shoot or awards ceremony in Hollywood...Get over it...They exist in the world.
C. We don't live in the United States of Jesus so what your Bible says is irrelevant
D. "Muslim's Kill Gays", Look in the mirror (if you still fit) So do Christians; remember Matthew Shepherd?
E. The only think you understand is how to get a doughnut in your mouth
How about you make your own show about a Bible Club...I'll bet it will be a big hit...Good luck getting it produced without gay costume designers, set and story board designers and writers.
G. Having a show with gay kids is not anti-Christian; Christian implies the following of Christ yet Jesus never once addressed homosexuality.

Otherwise, shut your pie hole and mind your own business...It's your responsibility to deal with this shit with your kids, not Hollywood's...Hiding them from it doesn't make it go away. They need to learn now that life isn't like as it is depicted in a Sunday school coloring book!


Jake said...

Joke: What do you get when you cross an atheist and a Jehova's Witness? -Some guy knocking at your door for no reason.

Toad734 said...

And yet another good thing about being an Atheist...You don't have to go around knocking on doors.

Jake said...

Of course. Quick question: You disapprove Christians, but approve atheists. What's your opinion on atheist Christians?(it's people who don't believe in God but believe the teachings of Jesus is a good thing for society)

Toad734 said...

It's not like I am god disapproving of atheists, Hindu's and gays...I don't do that kind of judging...I don't get the fairytale that is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.

SO are you talking about Jews for Jesus or something?? They're crazy too.

Jesus isn't the only person on the planet who had good messages to share with humanity and I don't see you worshiping them...Nor do I see most Christians even following what Jesus said. The majority of Evangelical Christians celebrated Bin Ladens death when Jesus said not to seek revenge, turn the other cheek and love your enemy...They also overwhelmingly support Bush's policy of torture, something Jesus would have never endorsed and they pretty much all hate gay people, whom Jesus never discussed. They people who go out gay bashing, kill abortion doctors, bomb abortion clinics...All "Christians" doing the exact opposite of what Christ would do. So finding non Christians who follow Christ?? How about finding me some Christians who follow Christ first.

And now you know why I think religion is bullshit....It's all in that book you hold up every time you scream at gay people.

Jake said...

Around half of Christians support gay marriage. But, like anyone, there are tolerant and nice Christians. Like a lot of my family members, and people of BSA(Boy Scouts of America). Do you at least like the idea of an afterlife, but no God?(like some Buddhists) PS: didn't quite answer my question, so I'll assume no. Not Jews for Jesus, atheists for Jesus.

Toad734 said...

Half of all Christians support gay marriage?? I highly doubt that.

I don't like nor dislike the idea of an afterlife and as it turns out, it doesn't matter if I like it or not because it isn't up to me. The concept of an "afterlife" is kind of dumb though really. Why us? Why not dolphins? Why would anyone think there is an after life but only for people? And then, why this life if there is an afterlife? And why on Earth would anyone assume there is an afterlife? No one any of us have ever known has gone there and confirmed that there is indeed an afterlife. It's like the fountain of youth or El Dorado...Just because people talk about it and want it to exist there is no real reason to believe that they do. So I like the concept of the afterlife as much as the fountain of youth and El Dorado though they are all fantasies.

Now, if you look at basic physics, it tells us that energy cannot be destroyed. So what happens to all the energy in a person when they die? Well, apparently that cannot be destroyed so...

Jake said...

Well, I mean, there are people who claim they've seen an afterlife after they've been dead for a short period of time. Though I do feel that some of the things said can be manipulated though. I personally enjoy the thought of being in an afterlife where everybody loves everybody, people no longer being sad or angry, no disappointments. Sorry if this annoys you, but the idea of when I die I will be dead/erased/gone makes me feel sick in my stomach.

Toad734 said...

There are people who said they were abducted by a UFO and met Elvis as well but until I have some real evidence of this I am going to say it probably didn't happen. However, Elvis aside, there are things such as seeing a lit tunnel, feeling a presence, etc. that are completely natural and are perceived by people but can be explained by brain physiology, not by god or aliens. Sleep paralysis is one and many of these experiences can be induced with electrical impulses to the brain.

I get why Religion sells...Your father dies and you think he's in a better place, paradise even and you will see him again when you die...That's an easy sell. I get why people buy into it and want to believe it. Just as the story of Jesus is a good story...It was basically the same story Lucas used in Star Wars and guess what, people like that story, it sells. It's why many gods have all had miracle births, been chosen by other gods to do great things, gone through trials and tribulations, and later prevailed and sacrificed for us. That's a common theme with a lot of gods of the past and it keeps coming up because it's a good story.

For instance, who am I talking about here:
Has a divine father
Result of a miracle birth
descended from royalty
Hidden at birth due to fears that he would be killed as a baby to prevent him from later becoming king.
Was himself divine

That isn't Jesus, that's Horus...About 2500 years before Christ.

So again, I get it, it's a good story and people can buy into it.

Jake said...

Did hourus sacrifice himself for the sins of mankind and preached about to love each other, even your enemies? Was he a carpenter? Did he go down in history books?

Toad734 said...

You can read about Horus in several history books.