Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Chain Email Put In It's Place

So I guess this is another one of those chain emails that are going around the teabagger circles. It came to me with the heading: Not Funny, but true dummies at work liberals and democrats

Oh the irony of a Republican using the constitution to keep the "big government" from telling someone what kind of light bulbs to use but I am sure he has no problem telling a woman what to do with her own body (Poe is anti-choice and has a 0 rating from NARAL an abortion rights group and a 100 rating from the National Right to Life Committee) and telling people who they are allowed to marry (voted yes on constitutionally defining marriage) or who can and can't serve in the military or what people smoke in the privacy of their own homes...All powers also NOT given to congress in the constitution. It must also me noted that he has no problem with the big evil government giving subsidies to oil and gas companies...Not surprising for a Congressman from Texas. He actually voted against removing these subsidies.

He has some valid points but I wish people on his side of the isle would finally realize they are just as guilty of "big government" as the people on the other side of the isle...Remember when Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers?That is not the work of a small, unintrusive government, nor is the Patriot Act or telling people who they can marry.

And by the way, by using these light bulbs which are 5x more efficient (a 15 watt fluorescent is equivalent to a 60W and 90% of the energy generate in an incandescent is heat, not light) and last 5-6x longer than an incandescent bulb, means you drastically cut down on your energy bill, you spend less time changing bulbs and you have buy fewer bulbs...And coal plants emit far less CO2. My building switched to these bulbs for our porch and hall lights and we saved over $1200 last year...And it isn't even that big of a building...So you could say they are doing this FOR us, not TO us.

And by the way, we can make light bulbs in the US...Its just with the trade agreements congress makes, it rewards companies to move jobs to China. I don't like that these are made in China but for the people who would rather shop at Walmart to save a few dollars than buy American made goods elsewhere, that shouldn't be a problem.

And I also love the irony that, after railing about "big government", he complains that the GOVERNMENT, needs to do more to find better sources of energy (another responsibility not given to the government in the constitution) and that the people aren't capable of making America more efficient...It's someone elses job (that would be the government), not a shared individual responsibility...So who's the dummy here?


dmarks said...

"I am sure he has no problem telling a woman what to do with her own body"

You mean he want to prevent the abortion industry from killing children.

It's good that he has a zero rating from the abortion industry.

Toad734 said...

Killing children??

Good one.

Are sperm cells children too?

Anonymous said...

You're over exaggerating dmarks' point, toad. Abortion clinics should only be used if the woman has been raped and/or if the baby has serious mental or physical problems. Otherwise have the child born and given away for adoption if the parents don't want it that much.

Toad734 said...

And are you going to adopt all the black kids in the foster care system?

Anonymous said...

Other people who are eager to have a child will adopt one. By the way, sperm cells have nothing to do with anything, because it is an undisputable biological scientific fact that human life begins at the beginning of conception. No religion required to know that.

Toad734 said...

Since when?? Maybe the pope decided that but even Jewish law in the old testament draws a clear distinction from "life" and a pregnancy.

What consists of human life?? Heartbeat? Nervous System?? Functioning brain (aka nervous system)?? None of these are present in the fist 5 weeks...Just like none are present in my sperm cells. It's why women who miscarry in the first trimester don't hold funerals...If it were a person, there would be a funeral.

If you want to argue that life begins when there is a heart beat then fine (still doesn't change the Bibles stance on it or the right of a woman not to have to be a baby dispenser)...But it isn't human until these human characteristics show up...That's why they have names like Zygote, Blastocyst, Embryo, etc...And why it isn't just called Dave...Or a baby...Cause it isn't either.

I can assure you, my ex girlfriend worked/works in Foster care...The vast majority of minority babies never get adopted...Until you are willing to adopt them, you have no say in whether or not a woman should have a baby.

Anonymous said...

Since scientists declared it. It can be considered human life, because it has the chromosomes and it's a living thing. Excuse me for not being pro-death. Oh, and if you ask all the people who were almost decided to be aborted, "Would you rather have been aborted and have no existence, or have a life?" Guess what most of the responses would be... Nuff said.

Toad734 said...

Not enough said...Which scientists would you be referring to? The notion that life begins at conception is laughable.

I don't think anyone would rather not be born...Well, I am sure no one would say that at least because how ever terrible their life has been it's possible that it would end up getting better so at least their is hope...However, about 18 years after Roe v Wade crime rates in this country dropped dramatically...I wonder if that has anything to do with people not having unwanted kids that end up getting neglected??