Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump Basically Giving Up on Entire First Amendment...

From CNN: Trump proposes jail time for freedom of expression

So somehow, money from corporations is protected speech but burning a flag is not a form of speech or expression...According to President Biff...

So we already know he wants to ban one particular religion from the country, we already know he wants to open up libel laws to punish the press for reporting facts about him and now he basically want's to go after the third part of the first amendment guarantees freedom of speech and expression.

And everyone thought Obama was going to destroy the 2nd Amendment??! Really? This guy isn't even in office yet and has already set out to destroy the very fabric upon which our country was founded...I never thought as a liberal that I would be talking about 2nd Amendment solutions to preserving our liberty from a tyrannical government...

Remember this?:

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


First they came for the Muslims and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Muslim, then they came for the Sioux...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

About the Protests

First off, there were plenty of right wing and Klan protests scheduled if Trump lost. Ted Nugent, last election, said if Obama won he would be dead or in jail so right wingers, stop complaining about the protesters! People fought and died for that right.

They aren't protesting because Clinton lost, they are protesting what they are about to lose! And if you are gay, a woman, minority, immigrant, have a pre-existing condition, a soldier or are anything but a white christian male with money, you stand to lose a lot, including members of your family. And these are real loses, not the guns, doctors and churches you thought you were going to lose under Obama.

If you were about to lose your freedom, family, liberty, dignity and possibly your life, you would be protesting too. #whiteprivilege

Monday, November 07, 2016

Don't be an Idiot. Election 2016

Well we've come to the end:

If you want a smaller government, a continuing shrinking deficit, preservation of gun rights, reduced spending, immigration reform, affordable health care, safer and more secure country, an executive decision maker with a clear understanding of the constitution, the choice is clear, experience matters.

You don't have to have a beer with her but Hillary Clinton is the only choice if you care about anything I said above. Probably not since John Adams, has their been a more qualified and experienced candidate for President.

Oh and she pays taxes and doesn't hate immigrants, minorities, journalists, vets, women or people with disabilities...and she doesn't kick puppies in the face either...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Can Republicans Really Keep us Safe?? And What Are the Real Threats?

So during the Republican National Convention, AKA the National Lying Bee, Donald Trump, the guy with literally 0 foreign policy and military experience, said that you are under threat and that he and presumably the Republicans are the only ones who can keep you safe. Citing essentially only Benghazi and crazed lone wolf terrorists with limitless access to fire arms and possibly just some good ole fashioned homophobia like you might find in the Bible, he claims Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Secretary of State (when we got Bin Laden) and US Senator where she served on the Committee and Armed Services and two other of the 6 armed services sub-committees including Readiness Management and Emerging Threats and Capabilities, does not have the experience or even balls to begin to keep us safe. But what is the real body count when it comes to modern Republicans vs Democrats when it comes to "keeping Americans safe"?? And does "keeping Americans safe" really entail keeping French, Germans, Syrian and English people safe as well?? It seems every time there is a terror attack half way across the world, the number one reason on Faux New is of course, Fucking Obama!

But here's how the numbers actually stack up:

Yes, under Obama and even under Clinton's reign as Secretary of State, there were some embassy attacks and some Americans died, including those in Benghazi Libya which did also correspond to international violence in response to cartoons, videos and threatened Quran burnings in the US. As it turns out, that probably wasn't the main reason for the attack.

So here's the Embassy/Consulate data under different Presidents:

Obama: 9 Attacks, 4 American deaths
Bush:   13 Attacks, 24 American Deaths, 87 total deaths
Clinton: 3 Attacks, most deaths were Kenyan and Tanzanian
Reagan: 7 Attacks, 94 Deaths
44% more attacks under Bush than Obama
500% more American Embassy deaths under Bush than Obama

2001-2013 US Civilian Deaths
Overseas: 350
Domestic Terrorism: 3380
Domestic Firearms: 406,496
11,926% more deaths from firearms than terrorism

From 2005-2015 Americans Killed by
Terrorism: 71
Gun violence: 301,797
424,966% more American deaths from gun violence than terrorism in last 10 years

US Terrorism (Religiously Motivated and not including racial such as Roof/Black Lives) Deaths:
Obama: 122
Bush:     3,010
2,367% higher under Bush

US Murders:
Obama: 101,266 (09-15) with another estimated 13k in 2016 which would be 114,266
Bush:  132,083
Reagan 161,899
15.5% higher under Bush than Obama(using 2016 estimates)

US Military Deaths:
Obama: 2031
Bush:  4854
138% higher under Bush

2015 number of Americans shot by:
Islamic Terrorists: 19
Toddlers:   43 (including themselves)

2013 Instrument of murder:
Guns: 8454
Knives: 1490
467% more murders with guns than knives
(32% of US households own guns, 99.9% own knives)

American deaths on US soil from attacks by actual, operational members of ISIS: 0

Since 9/11, 80% of all US based terror attacks have been committed by American citizens, not foreigners. 10 were Islamic and 18 were Christian/Right wing

From 2011, 50% of all female murder victims were murdered by an intimate partner or family member and 33% of all murder victims knew the offender.

The violent crime rate today is more than HALF what it was in 1991.

There were 41% more murders under Reagan than there will be under Obama and that's even with all the rapist and murdering Mexicans Obama has invited across the border (wink wink).

So I ask, what are you truly in danger from? The terrorist half way around the world?? Your jealous husband?? Or the toddler exploring your gun drawer?

Lock him up!