Thursday, July 01, 2010

Why Fiscal Conservative Should be Voting for Obama

When the next idiot conservative who just got done with his daily, Two minutes hate, brain washing from Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck talks about how Obama is some fiscally irresponsible big government spender, tell them to stop listening to fantasies and fairy tales and look at the facts:

Bush tax cuts for the rich cost us: $2.2 Trillion
Useless war in Iraq: $731 Billion
2008 Bush bailouts for rich bankers: $700 Billion

= $3.6 Tillion towards our deficit.

Our deficit for 2009 was $1.42 Trillion. So without Bush and his spending and economic planning disasters, we would be running a $2.18 Trillion dollar surplus and the richest 2% of our country would be paying the same tax rate they were paying during the prosperous '90s.

Lets not forget that "defense" spending for 2010 is $663 Billion....Supporting the two largest airforces in the world to fight guys in caves with IED's.

When will these morons start realizing that the $700 Billion that Bush and Paulson spent in October of 2008, went on the 2009 budget, not the 2008 budget so when Obama took office, he inherited that spending and so his budget for 2009 increased by that $700 billion overnight. The total increase in the 2009 budget was $960 Billion so 73% of the budget increase for 2009 was Bush spending. THAT WAS NOT OBAMA SPENDING!!!!

And let's also not forget that now the deficit is forecast to decline to $1.17 trillion by the end of 2010 and to $533 Billion by 2013...Thanks to Obama!

60% of our budget is dedicated to the following:
Social Security
Defense Spending
Medicade (8.19%)

Social Security and Defense accounts for 38% of our total budget.

None of these programs were invented by Obama.