Monday, March 21, 2011

ATT Is Buying T-Mobile


Didn't the government break up ATT during the 80s due to the fact that they were basically a monopoly?? If so, how are they not now going to be a virtual monopoly? What was the point??

And this another one of those things were if Reagan were alive today he would be considered a Democrat...Under Obama's watch this is allowed to happen but it was not allowed to happen under Reagan's anti-business, over intrusive, big government...Not that the President has a say in the matter but still.


BB-Idaho said...

Seems every time a huge corporation buys a big corporation, jobs get lost.

Toad734 said...

And prices will rise and service will fall and the rich will get richer.

dmarks said...

I thought they were buying T-Mobile?

I agree with you... but it also needs to be pointed out that there's a huge web of government regulations that don't have the purpose of protecting consumers, but instead keep smaller companies from competing.