Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Top Search Words That Brought People to my Blog

I have Sitemeter which allows me to track visitors to my site and how they found it. Most people are just flipping through blogger, doing a Google search of "toadthoughts" or coming from a link on someone elses page. Sometimes my site will come up in search engines when someone is doing a search on another topic that has nothing to do with my site at all. I have compiled a list of the best search phrases which brought a visitor to my site. All of the following were things people typed into a search engine to find information on the topic in question.

15. Communist Toad - Was it that obvious?

14. Toad Sex - Yes Please!

13. Toad Scripture - I have yet to write an actual Bible yet but...

12. Flesh Eating Toad - You caught me!

11. Religion + Gullible - I don't understand, this is not a subject that is discussed here.

10. Thy Neighbors Ass - I probably don't discuss the asses of thy neighbors enough.

9. I want to find a report on America - You have come to the right place, it's all here.

8. Quran Shitters - If only I still had a Bible, "Bible Shitters" would also be a hit.

7. Kids Peeing - Please don't ever come to this site again, whoever you are. Michael....?

6. I am a Rapist - Then what more do you need to know, unless you are on my sex offenders list

5. Pomeranians Lesbians - Sounds like someone has a confused dog.

4. Peeing babies - What's wrong with you people?

3. Sex with German Sheppards - To each his own but what's this have to do with me?

2. Homosexuality is a sin "Stone your children" - Are they looking for a how to guide?

1. Quran write in body slut woman Picture sex paint - Who needs this type of information and what will they do with it once they get it?


United We Lay said...

I may have to post my own list.

trick said...

That is just insane.

KentuckyShade said...

Perhaps the 11th commandment might read,
"Thou shall not covet thy neighbors ass."

BRUISER said...


Anyone see the Bush Party Picture from last night at the first annual "Presidents" Dinner where Republicans coughed up more than 23 million for the 2006 Elections?...(follow the money) .... Anyways check it out he's doing that crazy Seig Heil! thing that I know i've seen before ...some dude named Adolf ... I think he was German...and to Toads amusement... most likely a sex offender...the saga continues

"GOPigs @ The Trough"

So the dinner was $2,5oo per plate, the requisite stale, dry chicken or quayle, I presume. There were 5,ooo attendees including but not limited to one Marie Carey...a one time gubernatorial contestent and porn star that Arnold ...ummmm beat..no ...groped out for Governor.


The website "DrudgeReport" states Bush spoke "passionately " about "our" children who need to be taken care of...not sure if he means the twins bank accountants or the youth in Iraq although I could take a learned guess and say the humvees are still awaiting body armor at presstime.
And if they do ever get the support they need it won't end up on the "DrudgeReport".


....That's $2,5oo a plate X 5,ooo people ... and non-George Bush "Fuzzy Math" gives you $12,5oo,ooo.oo million........yes that's alot of zero's...in one room at a given time... but they claimed to have received $23 million...through this dinner party. Bush spoke of the "obstructionist" Democrats and their ilk keeping at bay his lofty reform policies....

And now I ask if anyone knows what "Activist" "Special Interest Groups" were in attendance?

I ask you if this is a matter of public record or only a meeting between friends as the "secret energy task force" meetings of Dick Cheney and the executives at Enron?

And it leads me to ask you if the McCain-Feingold Act has done enough to curb "Activist" corporations and government subsidized ability to have a consistent lein on the lives of Americans? and will it ever stop? Yo I don't know...... but next November ... show Republicans your one fingered support.


Apparently Ken Lay and Mr. Tom DeLay share more than a shady name, they share an even shaddier common goal. So to make sense of all these Washingtonians and their rhetoric I urge you to find out where Mr. Bush's contributions come from and how much in the realm of being legal they actually are.

It might be good to know who is Obstructing who... Mr. President.

Toad734 said...

Actually Thy neighbors ass is the 10th commandment, part of it anyway, along with thy neighbors wife, and servants,or maybe its your neighbors wife's ass?

indygirl said...

Wassup with all the pee searches?

Boiled Owl said...

Come to think of it, (no pun intended) the neighbors' wifes' asses are covered (so to speak) by both the 6th and 10th commandments, Toad... Hmmm, how's that workin' out boys?

Toad734 said...

RE: Indy

I don't know but it concerns me deeply