Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chrysler Just Paid Back Their Government Loans...Guess Who Was Against Those Loans?

Chrysler Pays Back Rescue Loan

Come to think of it, have Republican's gotten anything right lately?? Irag? Bin Laden? WMDs? Tax Cuts paying for themselves? Outsourcing is good?


Jake said...

I've been told that tax cuts for companies/corporations would increase job growth for that company/corporation. Is there evidence that's false? Because, to be fairly honest, it does make sense when you think about it in this scenario...more tax cuts=more money to pay more workers. By the way, it's called fox news... You know, like fox an animal?

Toad734 said...

I know that's what you have been told but that isn't the reality...When corporations save money, it is not invested back into the worker. We all want corporations to make money but we also want them to pay their share of taxes...Or any taxes would be good. How many US employees did GE hire last year?? Yet they paid no taxes. With your logic, GE should be on a hiring spree right now...But they aren't. But i'll bet a million bucks their CEO gets a huge fat raise.

You sound like one of those guys who also thinks outsourcing is good because the consumer will save money. About 5 years ago Converse closed their NC plant and started producing their shoes in China...The shoes I used to buy all the time are now about $10 more than the used to be when they were made in America...Jeans and most clothing is no different...Since these items have been produced over seas their prices have gone up, not down. Did Gateway computers suddenly slash their prices once they stopped making computers in South Dakota?

In basic theory though, you would be right, if a corporation paid less in taxes they could use that to hire more employees in the US...That rarely happens that way though. Again, there are 1000s of major companies who pay no taxes and even get government subsidies who then lay off their employees and use the money to give their executives bonuses and pay for corporate retreats...IN other words, they only get greedier.

Jake said...

I agree with you on some things... It's wrong when a CEO makes 15 million, while another in Japan makes 900 thousand. But I think the pay should be more like 10 million. Anyways, do you have any friends or relatives that are neoconservative? Because you seem like the kind of person that would avoid them.

Toad734 said...

Most of my relatives on my Mom's side are all born again Conservative Republicans. My Mom is kind of socially liberal to a degree that doesn't interfere with her Jesus beliefs...Or let me rephrase that, she actually believes what Jesus spoke about such as healing the sick and helping the poor, unlike most conservatives who thinks Jesus' polices don't apply to them and refer back to Old Testament preachings for their political views. My Dad however is a fiscally conservative, Atheist, NRA member. They really are a pollsters worst nightmare politically. But the rest of her family is both socially and fiscally conservative and think Obama is a communist.

dmarks said...

The loans WERE a bad idea. Without them, Chrysler would have gone into a bankruptcy procedure which would have better enabled them to hold off creditors.... without any bailouts necessary.

I am a consistent conservative. I favor handouts for needy poor people, not wealthy corporations. It's strange about how the Dems are the welfare-for-the-rich party.

It was this way with SCHIP too. That program was supposed to be free healthcare for poor children. The Dems wanted to expand it to be a handout for rich adults. The Republicans opposed it.

Toad734 said...

The $700 billion for rich bankers were Republican ideas.