Thursday, May 12, 2011

Big Surprise, Alaskan's Don't Want Oil Subsidies Cut and Neither do Republicans

Alaska Sen. Begich stands firm on oil industry subsidies

Begich, Murkowski oppose linking deficit, oil 'subsidies'

House GOP Blocks Vote On Oil Subsidies

"But both she and Begich say that the oil and gas industry has been singled out"
. Murkowski Spokesman Robert Dillon said: "But to single out a particular industry and make it the boogeyman is counter-productive."

Now you know how Planned Parenthood and NPR feels. It doesn't seem like they like it when the tables are turned...Now you know who is really for reducing the deficit and hand-outs from the federal government and who just has a political agenda...If you think Republican's are serious about reducing government expenditures, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

NPR receives about 1 million per year in direct federal funding and Planned Parenthood receives about $360 million per year VS. the $2 Billion big oil receives in federal subsidies and tax breaks.

Yes, I realize Begich is a Democrat.

Big lesson here: Republican's are supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility and strong on defense yet they are the ones responsible for most of our deficit and mainly because they are weak/wrong/incompetent on defense...My question to Republicans come 2012 is, why exactly are you voting for them when it's obvious they are really bad at the two things they are supposed to be good at?? I mean, I am sure they still love Jesus and guns but other than that...Contrary to popular belief, you can't really run a country on Jesus and guns...Especially since Jesus doesn't exist.


Anonymous said...

you are aware that there exists religious democrats and atheist republicans, right?

Toad734 said...

Actually, I would love for you to name one Atheist Republican...Aside from my Father...Who actually voted for Obama...So he's an Obama Republican just like the Reagan Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Well... There's Republican politicians out there that don't want to talk about there personal beliefs, which could be atheist. But there is currently around 7 billion people in the world, so you and I both know that there exist atheist republicans anyway.

Toad734 said...

I know there has to be, I don't know one could get elected though.

Jake said...

I dunno, it seems that you really dislike guns... My dad owns a gun shop, so seeing that less gun restrictions=more gun sales=more money for college education, the evidence supporting your anti gun status means quite nothing to me.

Toad734 said...

There are a lot of college students who would not share your view. 32 students at Virginia Tech were killed with legal guns. Apparently your college education was more important than theirs. But I am sure it had nothing to do with the guns...If not for guns I am sure he could have killed as many people with a broken bottle or a knife cause you know, guns don't really kill people. And then of course there was the shootings at California State, University of Texas, Northern Illinois, etc...All committed by someone with legally purchased guns...But at least you didn't have to take out any loans!!!

Jake said...

Well, I probably will. I'm still in high school. It's sad that some things like that happen though. I live in Minnesota, so the area I live in is pretty peaceful. Sorry if I sound rash for asking this, but what is the nationality of the people you described?