Friday, June 03, 2011

Romney Lies

Well, Joseph Smith wouldn't be too proud of Mitt Romney right now for lying...I though lies made the baby Jesus cry??

Yes Romney, in his first campaign speech, said the economy was worse now that when Obama took office...Which everyone, even Sarah Palin knows, isn't even remotely true. The fact is, that after 8 years of a Republican President, mostly under a Republican controlled Congress, our economy hadn't been worse in over 75 years. Obama is the one who took us out of that and we are now on the road to recovery. The economy is ADDING jobs (slowly) not losing them like in 08.

The other lie he said was this, "A few months into office, he (Obama) traveled around the globe to apologize for America." Though we probably should apologize to many peoples of the Earth, especially Iraq, this did not happen. Obama did talk about how he wasn't going to be like his predecessor who invaded countries for no cause, gave up on Bin Laden, crashed the economy and tortured people. Bush is the one who should be apologizing, not Obama.

He also said foreclosures are at a record level which is false. As is Romney's lie that Obama has raised taxes on entrepreneurs and businesses which can't even be denied even in a Republican fantasy land...He didn't even get to raise taxes on the rich like he wanted to...I wish I could say that he did but that has not happened.

These are the first words out of his mouth from his new campaign and it's pretty much all bullshit. Is this someone you can trust?

Just tell the truth! What are you afraid of Romney?


Anonymous said...

Bush and the Republicans are definitely the only people who believed Iraq has WMD. Except for John Kerry. And Bill Clinton. And Hilary Clinton. And Al Gore. And French intelligence. And Russia intelligence. And Chinese intelligence. Except all those and probably more people and intelligence, Bush and the Republicans are the only people who believed Iraq has WMD! Democratic people hate bush & Republicans over it, though when you start talking about other people who believes it, you can hear a pin drop. It makes me want to laugh. But there's no joke.

Anonymous said...

By the way, please nobody say anything like "your a Fox news watching moron warmonger" or anything like that. It just shows that I'm right about this hypocrisy.

Toad734 said...

Everyone who knew anything knew that the source behind the Iraq WMDs case was not trust worthy...And different people at different times thought Saddam had WMDs. You can't really blame Kerry for being told a lie based on sketchy intelligence and voting for the war. The people in the administration knew the source was bad and were looking for any reason to invade Iraq and sold this bad information to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Bush made the decision for going to war in Iraq based largely on findings of the UN and International Atomic Energy Agency weapons inspectors, as well as those of other governments.

Toad734 said...

Not the atomic energy agency weapons inspectors or the UN...they both said he had nothing...This was all based on "intelligence" from an unreliable British source.

Jake said...

Ain't people in Iraq thanking us?

dmarks said...

"Obama did talk about how he wasn't going to be like his predecessor who invaded countries for no cause,"

Which predecessor do you mean? It certainly wasn't George W. Bush, who retaliated against Afghanistan after its government attacked us, and retaliated against Iraq for violating numerous cease-fire agreements (including attacking innocent Americans).

Perhaps you mean bill Clinton, who DID attack Serbia, even though Serbia never attacked or threatened us, nor did it it attack or threaten any of our allies.

As for WMD facts....After the 2003 invasion, numerous WMD from the first Gulf War were found. According to the cease fire, Saddam was to have turned over these WMD 10 years before. Instead, he stockpiled them.

Toad said: "The people in the administration knew the source was bad and were looking for any reason to invade Iraq"

This is the opposite of what actually was going on. The Bush administration generously gave Saddam Hussein two YEARS to comply with reasonable cease-fire requirements which, at the time Bush was inaugurated, were supposed to have have been completed several years before.

According to Hans Blix in early 2003, Saddam was STILL blocking inspections, and he was attacking peacekeeping patrols in the no-fly zones (each one of these attacks was an act of war).

Jake said:

"Ain't people in Iraq thanking us?"

They should. They should also curse the Democrats (Kucunich, etc) who want the terrorists to run free and kill everyone in Iraq.

Toad734 said...

Ha, are you one of those idiots who believes we "retaliated" against Iraq?? You still believe those Dick Cheney lies?? Everyone knows that shit was made up...What planet have you been living on? And by the way, the Taliban did not attack the US. That was an organization called Al-Qaeda...Jesus, it's like you have been in a coma since 2001 and just woke up and need to catch up on everything....AKA a Faux News watcher.