Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why the US is Falling Behing the Rest of the World in Math and Science

A new Creation Museum has recently opened to further the claims of stupid people that Evolution isn't real, the Earth is 6000 years old and that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church every Sunday. This museum is built based only on what is written in the book of Genesis, which is clearly the unedited work of God.

Ken Ham, the CEO of this soon to be out of business museum said: "We are going to answer the questions Bryan wasn't prepared to, and show that belief in every word of the Bible can be defended by modern science." "The Book of Genesis is true from the first word to the last."

What the museum doesn't address is the following:

A. Who wrote Genesis? If there was no man the first 5 days, then how would anyone know what really happened? Was it Moses? Moses wasn't born until several hundreds of years later.

B. If God said, "let there be light" on the first day, yet didn't create the Sun, Moon and Stars until the fourth day, then how could there have been "light" on the first, second and third days? And what was a "day" in those first "4 days” if the Earth wasn't revolving around the Sun? And how did the Earth stay in place so long without the gravity of the sun to keep it there?

C. How do species that no one knew existed, in a place that modern man didn't even know existed, show up in the 20th century with no previous record of their existence? Are we to believe that Noah went to the forests of Indonesia to take the Komodo Dragon back to its natural habitat after the flood? Did he then stop by Australia and drop off the Kangaroos as well? The Pandas in China, the Buffalo in North America or did he just plant a vineyard and get drunk after the flood? Anyone who knows the Bible knows the answer to this question.

D. Why are there no human fossils in the strata layers that the dinosaurs are found in and vice versa?

E. If God made Man and Woman after everything else on the 6th day in Genesis 1:27 , why did he again need to create animals in Genesis 2:19 and why did he have to make woman again in Genesis 2:22? Did man come first or did animals come first. Genesis 2:19 implies that animals were not created on the 5th day but sometime after he made Adam. And was Eve made at the same time as Adam as it says in 1:27 or from Adams rib some time later?

F. In Genesis 2:13, Eden is described as a place that has a river that also runs through Ethiopia along with the Tigris and Euphrates which we know share common areas in both modern day Iraq and Turkey. Even people who don't believe in science can't dispute modern day maps and can plainly see that Ethiopia is no where near Iraq or Turkey and that no river which runs through Ethiopia also runs through Iraq or Turkey as they are separated by the Red Sea and modern day Saudi Arabia. So if the author of Genesis is clearly wrong about the location of the Garden of Eden, what else is he wrong about? This proves that the author had nothing to do with God. God, the creator of the Earth, would have known that a river in Ethiopia did not run through Mesopotamia. I didn't even create the world and I know that the Amazon River doesn't run through Indiana and that the Tigris doesn't run through Ethiopia.

G. In Genesis 4, after Cain kills his brother, Cain is sent out of Eden but protected from vengeance for killing his brother with a mark. Who did he need protection from? Why was he worried about other people killing him? What other people? The Bible has only described 4 people so far. That being said, where did Cain's wife come from and if a City named Enoch (4:17), after their son, was built by Cain, who comprised of this city? Three people don't constitute a city. Clearly Cain’s wife didn't come from Adam and Eve because later Adam and Eve conceive Seth to replace Abel.

H. In Noah's flood, Genesis 7:20, the floodwaters were described as rising 15 cubits, thus covering the earth and the mountains. A cubit is less than two feet so that means, since the Bible is 100% accurate, that the flood waters rose about 23 feet. Most mountains are taller than 23 feet high so apparently the flood didn't cover the entire planet or mountains were really short back then. The Ark supposedly rested on top of Mount Ararat which is 16, 854 feet, much higher than 9 cubits. We know from Genesis 6:15 that the Ark was 50 x 30 cubits so there is no way that a cubit could be confused with a unit of measure such as a mile.

I. The tower of Babel in Genesis 11 is supposed to explain why there are many different languages but it doesn't explain why there are several different races. If Caucasians, Asians, Blacks, Middle Easterners, Indian (sub-continent), Aborigines and Inuits all evolved to look so different in a short period of 5000 years, why aren’t there more races of people by now? How come Japanese people are still born looking like Japanese people? Why haven't they turned into Mexicans yet? And if God was really in Heaven and not a few thousand feet up in the clouds, why would he be worried about a tower reaching him? What did he have to hide, why did he need to stop the tower from being built?

J. Speaking of different races, are they just going to ignore Neanderthals and fossil records of other species of early man? Why don't Neanderthals ever show up in the Bible? It's obvious they existed. If they are now willing to accept the fact that dinosaurs once walked the Earth, they have to also accept the fact that Neanderthals walked the Earth and also explain their place in the time line. Evolutionists can explain it, can you?

K. Who is "we" and "our" in the creation story that God is apparently talking to? Was he talking to the author of Genesis?? Who created this other person? Who created God for that matter and what had he been doing since the beginning of eternity and if he was just always there, how is that any different than someone saying the universe was just always there?

L. How does the museum deal with the "fact" that Angels have sex with human women and bore Giants? I would like to see that exhibit:

Genesis 6:
1And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
2That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
3And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.
4There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

M. If this museum is so accurate, why does Adam have a beard if he is only a few days old?
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These would be a few of the questions I would like to see the creationist museum answer. What about you, do you have any of these answers?


Mercurial Minnow said...

Hi John, thanks for visiting the Daily Fish. Lots of good questions you've there.

Back in college, I took an evolution and extinction class to get my easy biology credit for English majors. On the first day of class, professor Beyers asked if there was anyone in the class of 200 who did not believe in the theory of evolution... one brave soul dared raise her hand. "My pastor told me to take this class," she explained, "so that I would know what lies the enemies of God were dissemintating." That woke us up. How would the prof respond to that? He calmly asked her how her pastor explained the fossil record, carbon dating, etc. "My pastor told us that the Devil put those bones in the ground to instill doubt in the minds of man."

Well, that explains it!

Hope you stop by the Daily Fish again sometime!

Toad734 said...

Ya, that is what creationist used to say, God put dinosaur bones there to test our faith. Now theyve changed their tune and just say that Adam and Eve lived with T Rex and that the reason dinosaur bones aren't in the same strata layers as human bones is because Noahs flood just happened to lay the sediment that way...Good one.

Nölff said...

"My pastor told me to take this class," she explained, "so that I would know what lies the enemies of God were dissemintating." That woke us up. How would the prof respond to that? He calmly asked her how her pastor explained the fossil record, carbon dating, etc. "My pastor told us that the Devil put those bones in the ground to instill doubt in the minds of man."


Anonymous said...

Hey bro,

Ancient Ethiopia's map is not the present day Ethiopia's map.

At one time, Ethiopia map started in south half part of present day Egypt, half north part of today's Sudan, half north part of today's Ethiopia, entire Saudi Arabia, Yemen and as far as India.

Does that make sense now?

Toad734 said...

India? Im not saying the borders have always been the same and clearly Yemen is about as close to Ethiopia as you can get assuming you are willing to get wet but the point remains, any river in Ethiopia or Yemen would not interesect with the Tirgis or Euphrates river.

Beth said...

I say we take a trip there this summer. I really want to learn more about the true creation of our world as opposed to the scientific one I was taught in a CATHOLIC school. Damn crazy bible thumpers.

Mercurial Minnow said...

Field trip! Cool - where is that museum? Would love to show up with a bunch of heathens like y'all.

Beth, yes. My Catholic grandmother also told me that evolution and the six day creation story are not mutually exclusive: "God's days are not like regular human days. The story isn't literal."

Paul F. said...

So you're saying the Euphrates DOESN'T flow through Ethiopia? Well, that's news to me. Next thing you know, you'll be telling me Jesus' mom was a hammerhead shark.

Toad734 said...

The Euphrates runs out of Turkey, through Baghdad and joins with the Tigris before it empties into the Persian Gulf. AKA: not Ethiopia.

No Jesus' mom was not a shark but now we know Virgin births are not miraculous, or if they are, then our new savior is a shark or possibly it was one of the greatest lies a wife has told her husband whom she had been cheating on.

Paul F. said...

So your saying the Tigris DOESN'T run through Ethiopia? Ha Ha!

I always figured Jesus' mom was artificially inseminated by aliens.

Toad734 said...

Umm no, that one doesn't either.

Aliens or the milk man.