Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Lets Talk About Dogs For A Change of Pace

Did you know that Cockerspaniels, Pomeranians, Akitas, Weimaraners, Poodles, German Sheppards, Sheepdogs, Schnauzers and Collies are more likely to bite you than a Pit-Bull. The American Canine Temperament Testing Association is an organization that titles dogs for passing its temperament test. The test consists of putting the dog into a series of unexpected situations, some involving strangers. The dog fails the test if it shows any signs of unprovoked aggression or panic around people. Of all dogs that take the test, 77 percent on average pass. But among pit bulls who take the test, 83 percent on average pass, the same--one of the highest passing rates of all breeds. Golden Retrievers also have an 83 percent pass rating. And of all the dog attacks in the US a year only 1.9 Percent involve Pit-Bulls. From 1965-2001, 36 different breeds were responsible for human fatalities in the US, 52 world wide.
If you ban Pit-Bulls, or Bull breeds, the assholes who use these dogs for fighting and gang activity will just start using Rottweilers, who are twice the size of a pitbull, more territorial and more likely to attack a human. If you ban Rottweilers then these same people will start using German Sheppards, Akitas, Chows or whatever else they can find. The dogs are not the problem, the people are, they are the ones who should be banned and put to sleep!

Do you even know what a Pit-Bull looks like? Take the test.

  • Find the Pit Bull

  • The Pitbull Problem
  • "The disposition of noble dogs is to be gentle with people they know and the opposite with those they don’t know" - Plato


    Neemund said...

    I got it on the third try, but my first two choices were also terriers, just not the American Pit Bull Terrier. I've only known two people who have owned purebred Pit Bulls, but I know that these particular dogs were very mild mannered. I have a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who is really nervous around strangers, and if startled will go and run behind the couch. It's pretty funny.

    Toad734 said...

    Ya actually my dog probably wouldn't pass the test, assuming it involved older white males, otherwise he would would do fine around women, and younger males.
    My dog is a rescue dog and seems to have come from a somewhat abusive situation, he sometimes flinches when you step over him and didn't like my dad at all.

    Two Minutes J said...

    Fuck! It took me a few tries, and I own a Pit Bull! Then again, some of those pics are deceiving. But thats another thing about Pit Bulls, they come in so many different varieties and colors.

    Toad734 said...

    ya in reality the Alafalpha Blue what ever is basically a pit-bull from another country, bassed on what I can see from that picture anyway. And the Dogo Argentino is basically an all white American Bulldog, in Argentina. And although a lot of these look the same, it's what they are mixed with that determines what they really are.

    trick said...

    It's not dogs that kill people, it's the dog owners that kill people. You can't ban the dogs for God's sake!

    curtis said...

    you are a total dog fag now. congratulations. this is derek by the way.