Thursday, February 16, 2012

Red State=Welfare State, Blue State=Backbone of America

US Entitlement Map

Hey urban, educated blue states! Ever wonder where all your money goes?? Republicans would have you believe that it goes to fat black welfare Mom's in the projects of Chicago who had too many kids they couldn't afford in order to rev Chicago's "machine" style politics and get black, Muslim, Kenyans elected President. Well, it doesn't. It goes towards oil and mining and agriculture companies and to the the rest of the people in the bible belt and Appalachia...And also to some very poor Native American areas. And building roads, sewers and providing other services on a road with 8 people on it ( you know, the real America that isn't elitists who go to college, live in high rises and take subways to work) costs a lot more than providing these services on a road with 800 people like you have in larger population areas...AKA, the fake America that doesn't cling to their guns and bibles when screaming at gay people.

Everyone has heard the term "Welfare States" which are states like IN, SC, AL, MS, KY, AR, AK, etc. who all get more in federal funding than they pay in federal taxes unlike CA, IL, NY, NJ, MA, CT, WA etc. who pay more into the system than they get out so they can fund faith based programs for fat kids with Diabetes in places like MS, AL and AR where they pay much lower tax rates than we do in the more urban blue states. For instance, for every dollar paid in federal taxes, MS gets back $1.84, AK $1.82, WV $1.74, AL $1.61 etc. Where as NJ only gets $.62 back in federal spending, CT $.64, IL $.77, MA $.79 and CA and NY $.81.

Note Sarah Palin's (Ms. Small Government) home of Alaska!

That's all, I just wanted you to know that you are being lied to!

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Thinkin said...

Too bad more Republicans (& Dems) don't know which states are depending on the federal government the most. They have a self-righteous myth in their heads that the R's don't use government money.