Friday, February 03, 2012

Numbers Don't Lie...Republicans Do!


And as I laid out in a previous post:

-The stock market is up over 40% from it's lows the year Obama took office (from 8776 at the end of 08 to 12834 today) and up over 15% from the day Bush took office.

-Housing starts in December of 2008 were at 549,000, in November 2011 they were at 685,000. Not great, but a 24% increase and better than where Bush and the Republicans got us.

-So far, Obama has increased the debt 26% from his first budget. Bush increased the debt 110% and Reagan increased it 180%

-After saving the auto industry, something Romney wanted to see fail, GM is once again the #1 auto maker in the world.

And let's not forget about his strong leadership skills with regards to foreign policy and getting Bin Laden, getting American hostages rescued in Somalia without the loss of American life and his defiance to Iran by sending the Navy through the Straights of Hormuz when Iran specifically told him not to and finally ending the Iraq war. And of course the fact that there have been many thwarted but no successful terrorist attacks on American soil under his administration.

Can we really afford to go back to the cut tax and spend, shoot first ask questions later policies of the Republicans who want to take their cues from Communist Dictators and Communistic policies of forcing women to become baby dispensers?

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