Friday, June 17, 2011

“Barack Obama has failed America"

“Barack Obama has failed America”

That's what Mitt Romney said in a recent debate. He said so referring mainly to the economy because you know, the two wars Bush started which drive up oil prices and the uprising in the Middle East also, driving up oil prices, is all Barack Obama's fault. Unemployment was up again slightly for the month and so after 2 1/2 years in office, apparently everything that is wrong with America is the result of Obama's actions.

Here is why I can't wait for one of those Youtube debates again or one where citizens get to make of the questions because what I would ask Romney and each of the other candidates would be what specific policy or piece of legislation has Obama signed resulted in a failure that has ruined America...The only sound you will hear will be crickets.

Again, the debt, deficit, wars, were all inherited by Obama as was a much worse economy than what we have today. I certainly don't want to go back to Oct 08-Jan 09 which was a result of 8 years of a Republican President and years of Republican Presidents and Republican Congresses (yes I realize Clinton signed a lot of those bills) deregulating the financial and housing markets and encouraging jobs to be sent over seas while irresponsibly lowering taxes and lowering them on the rich more than anyone else which has had the exact opposite affect they said it would have. As it turns out tax cuts don't pay for themselves and when you cut taxes on rich people, they don't go out on a hiring spree, they get greedier and send your jobs to China and then have more money to hire fancy accountants to find more tax loopholes.

So Republicans, what specific policies has Obama instituted and what has been their dire and drastic effects that have failed America?

Here is the way I see it, at the end of 2000 before Bush took office the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 10,787. At the end of his term at the end of 2008, it was down to 8776. Today it is around 12000.

Housing starts in December of 2008 were at 549,000, in May they were at 612,000. Not great, but better than where Bush and the Republicans got us.

These numbers don't tell the entire story but I feel if McCain and Ms. Dumb Dumb and the Republicans were still in charge, continuing their policies of letting the banks and auto companies fall whilst lowering taxes on rich people and expanding the debt and starting more wars, we would be in the midst of a depression.


Jake said...

You shouldn't forget to mention that Obama extended the tax cuts. You should fully inform the viewers on your site, dammit.

Toad734 said...

For me the tax cuts extension is a bad idea since we are broke. But that is something that benefits rich Republicans which is why I don't get it when they try to pretend that Obama has failed them or America.

Jake said...

WHY AREN'T YOU MENTIONING THAT OBAMA EXTENDED IT? If Obama was a Republican you would be up in his alley, but no, all because he has the Democratic label. FULLY INFORM US! GAH!!!

dmarks said...

Actually, gas prices are way up under Obama as he opposes domestic oil production and favors instead importing foreign oil.

The first political candidate who lays out an effective plan to reduce gasoline prices will get a lot of mileage out of it.

It is good that Obams extended the tax cuts, exactly because we are broke. We are less broke if the government steals less from us, and the economic gain (of the money being controlled by the people instead of the rulers) will result in even more tax revenue.

The tax cuts mostly benefit the middle class. Obama extended them against his will, but I commend him for extending them.

Toad734 said...

Gas and oil are no where near where prices were a couple years ago under Bush.

Not only that, since late 2010 there have been 39 shallow water permits issued and 6 deepwater permits by the Obama administration since the moratorium on drilling has been lifted. Before the BP spill, the administration approved 217 new well permits...Once again, you are dead wrong!