Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts on the Teabaggers

As I watch a streaming feed from a zoomed in Fox News Camera of a small crowd of white people made to look like a large crowd I can't help to laugh at the irony of the whole thing. Here is why:

A. It's the middle of the day and none of these people seem to be at work. If they aren't at work, then they aren't paying taxes any way. Maybe if they worked a little more and therefore made more money, maybe they wouldn't be so worried about taxes. That being said, as of April, Obama's tax cuts kick in to over 95% of all Americans. I certainly don't see any of the elite 5% in this crowd so what are they so angry about?

B. Some lady just got off the mic talking about how we need to support the troops; where do you think our tax money goes?? You can't have it both ways. Either you pay your taxes and the troops get body armor, or you don't pay taxes and the troops don't get the support they need. Now, one could argue that without all the taxes paid to the federal government, they could have never waged such a war in Iraq to begin with. This however, certainly is not the anti war crowd, just the opposite.

C. I am looking at a sign that says "Obama = United Socialist States of America"; when it comes to wealth distribution from the working class up to the rich, you know the trend Bush started with his no strings attached round of corporate bailouts, I would agree that we have become this reverse version of Socialism where money trickles/gushes from the bottom up. However, Obama is not the one who started that original trend of wealth redistribution; that was Reagan.

D. Where were they in November? You know, when every il-run company and its subsidiaries were running to the Bush Administration, and Paulson handed billions of no strings attached dollars to AIG so they could pay the $12.9 Billion they owed to his former company Goldman and Sachs (sound familiar?)? I get it; it was ok when the good ol boy Republican was doing it but not when the black guy does it.

E. The Boston Tea Party was not even about paying taxes, it was mainly about taxation without representation. The United States has a representative government. I know it didn't feel that way for the last 8 years and apparently our leaders are chosen in some cases as opposed to elected but in theory, we don't live under a system of taxation without representation. But not only that, the colonists were also protesting the fact that the British wouldn't allow the colonies to grow their own tea or import it from anyone except the British East India Company.

So I really don't get what this is supposed to be about. They cry when we can't bomb Korea, they cry when our education system sucks and pumps out kids who can't even find their own state on a map, they cry when a bridge collapses and kills a bunch of people but they don't want their taxes, or the taxes on the rich, who benefit the most from our American system, to pay more taxes. Maybe they think we should only raise taxes on people who don't make any money? I'll bet that would raise the revenue they need to build that missile shield they all so desire. What do you think; could they squeeze 500 Billion out of the poor?

Also, do they even care to know what would happen if AIG would have collapsed taking everyones 401k and the economy with them? What other options did we have other than another Great Depression? AIG provided insurance and investment products to over 45 million individual and institutional clients. If they want to be outraged don't do it on the steps of the White House, do it on the steps of Joe Cassano's house (the tax cheat head of AIG's financial products division) and Edward Liddy's, the CEO. Drag them out into the streets Somali style and things will change. They are the ones who got us into this mess, not Obama. I mean, protesters stood out in front of the White House protesting Iraq for 8 years but a lot of good it did them.

Here's a video of some Florida Teabaggers who were blindsided by truth and reality. I know, trying to introduce reality to a crowd like this is like trying to fit a round peg through a square hole.

More lies from the conservative media elite and the unbiased Fox News network:

And now, for even more conservative irony:

And one more thing, anyone who thinks this is some grass roots, populist movement is being lied to.


TRUTH 101 said...

Like PT Barnum said. "there's a sucker born every minute."

Tom Harper said...

So, you're trying to tell me those tea parties on April 15th weren't grassroots, populist or spontaneous??

But, but that's what I was told. Some guy in a 3-piece suit handed me a ready-made placard that said something about "socialism" and "Real Americans," or something. So I held it up for 2 hours like he told me to. And now you're saying this wasn't just a coincidence?

Damn, why do I keep getting taken like this?

Toad734 said...

Ya, and Ill bet you didn't know this, but now, you are supposed to believe that America is in danger and less safe because Obama shook hands with the President of Venezuela.

Just like Obama was going to fail at the Somali hijacking, Venezeula will now nuke the United States...which is a socialist country by the way.

Mike V. said...

"Offical" language. That sign pretty much says it all..

dmarks said...

"That being said, as of April, Obama's tax cuts kick in to over 95% of all Americans"

Which will be more than made up for by his planned tax hikes on gasoline, an unwarranted act of greed that will directly clobber many at the gas pump, and send shock waves through the rest of the economy.

Toad734 said...

Gasoline tax? You mean like the one Reagan put into place?

What kills people at the pump is the War in Iraq and Exxons 42billion dollar quarterly profits.

HumbleHumanity said...

Just ask the governator if this is a grassroots movement.