Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A. Unless you are crashing into the Hudson River, don't fly your 747 through Manhattan with F-16s chasing you.

B. Fox News is a crybaby spoilsport. Your guy lost, get over it. Just because your slanted coverage and media bias failed to pay off this time you are just going to take your toys and go home? How can they now claim to be "Fair" or balanced when they only spend their hours criticizing Obama but don't allow him to tell his story on their station. This is the exact definition of bias and unfairness. Sorry, but my bullshit detector just went off. If Rush Limbaugh held a news conference they would cancel every show for a week and just replay it over and over. Of course Rush would never do that because it would mean he would have to actually answer questions from the audience and we know he just either talks out of his ass with no regards to facts or reads pre-written notes.

C. Instead of arresting Somali pirates, why don't we start kidnapping them and holding them for ransom? I mean, their organizations have millions of dollars and at some point they are going to run out of pirates so their foot soldiers may be a valuable commodity worth them paying for.

D. If you believed that email about the police picking on the first white guy they could find with regards to the Craigslist Killer, you are an idiot. Just because a guy is white, well kept and educated doesn't mean he isn't a killer. In fact, I would say the majority of serial type killers fit that exact profile. Didn't Ted Bundy and Timothy McVeigh look like a guy you would want to live next to?

E. Out of 300 Million people, 8 have the swine flu. Why don't you spend your time reporting on something that actually kills far more people like how many people choke to death while chewing on their ball point pens. Seriously, you are more likely to die from that than the swine flu. But you have to admit that maybe the Muslims and Jews are on to something. Of course they still eat chicken and spinach.

F. Pontiac is gone and I am sure it’s a Unions fault somehow not bad, overpaid management, bad engineering, bad marketing and boring cars. If you want to save the next brand of American cars lets stop importing Kias.

G. Are Republicans in Minnesota going to start wearing "Sore Looserman" T-Shirts now that Coleman has lost...again.

H. Arlen Specter has seen the light apparently. There is more room for the rest of you...except the I.D. Bush wackos. We don't want them.

I. Texas can secede but they have to take Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama with them and yes, there will be a border fence.


Patrick M said...

Here's some random responses (just to keep the liveliness lively...).

B. Fox News is a crybaby spoilsport. Your guy lost....What did they lose? Last time I checked they were doing well in the ratings. Or is this a Big Republican conspiracy thing? (If it is, I'm laughing at you.)

C. Whatever happened to just shooting them?

E. You know the swine flu thing would be easy to solve. Stop screwing the pigs.

H. Enjoy your Specter. You want McCain too?

I. Can Ohio secede too? You can have our governor.

Toad734 said...

There was an election a few months ago, they lost that.

C. That doesn't make us any money and it doesn't turn the table on them as they aren't shooting the people they capture

E. Well that or stop raising pigs in inhumane conditions

H. No, not evenreally sure about specter but I don't want McCain, hes a flip flopper.

I. Well, Ohio actually pays for itself and it connects the east coast with the midwest so... How about we just give them Ohio State? They wont take the Browns or the Bengals.

TRUTH 101 said...

Very sane, rational Capitalistic views Toad. I too am for making money. I'm also for saving money. Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi are big money losing states. Get rid of them.
Keep Ohio. I have to drive through it on the way to New York every couple years and I don't want have to pay visa fees and border guard bribes to Patrick.

Patrick M said...

Toad: B. Fox News won in the 2008 election. It's called ratings. (and the laughing commences.)

C. It's not about making money or turning tables. It's called attrition and deterrence. The dead pirates won't pirate any more and the living pirates will know that a US flag means someone will shoot you.

H. So is Specter.

I. the whole secession thing brings me back to the real problem. The states (as a single entity) have no representation in Washington, ever since the 17th amendment was passed. Maybe we just need to repeal that amendment too.

dmarks said...

B. One thing Limbaugh does is answer questions from his audience, actually. I never saw Dan Rather do that ever during his time hosting the CBS News.

F. "If you want to save the next brand of American cars lets stop importing Kias"

But we need Kia's as a drivable alternative to the shoddy US union-built products. The unions in the US are getting paid twice what the worth is work in order to do a lousy job.

Kia workers are paid about $20 an hour, and their work is on average better than the products of all of the "American" big 3.

G. There are still some sore losers who can't get over the fact that Gore lost the election, no matter how many times you count the vote.

Toad734 said...

Limbaugh answers prescreened calls from people who listen to the Rush Limbaugh show. As I said, he has never gone into a hostile environment or debated anyone.

Dan Rather reports actual news, not fairytales and right wing rants. THere is a big difference. Dan Rather deals with facts, Rush is just an entertainer.

American workers are not to blame for shitty American cars. First off, Ford now ranks very close in quality to Honda and Toyota but the reputation from the 80s and 90s still lingers and Ford is a much higher quality car vs. Kia. Its shitty engineering, shitty marketing and incompetent leaders of the American companies. Now, they are overpaid but so are their managers and their CEOs. American car executives make 14-28 times the amount the Japanese executives make.

dmarks said...

Dan Rather's career blew up when he "reported" the fake "Bush AWOL" story which was based on Microsoft Word documents forged with dates from before Microsoft word existed. It was a left-wing rant, and worse than a fairytale. He still insists that the story is real even if the evidence was fabricated. Dan Rather is no less an entertainer and no more a journalist than Rush Limbaugh.

Rather dealt with facts the way the Orkin Man deals with cockroaches.

"American workers are not to blame for shitty American cars."

The unions are. They do shoddy work (lousy build quality, reflected in poor fit-finish and other assemble-line mistakes) and resist efforts for accountability on the production line. However, American workers, in a better work environment (such as the Kia plant in Georgia and the Toyota and Honda plants in the US), free of unions which reward lousy work, do excel at good cars.

"Ford now ranks very close in quality to Honda and Toyota".

I looked at the actual numbers, model by model, and for the overall companies. Ford is still WAY behind Honda, Subaru, and Toyota. It is not the reputation from the 1990s: it is the reality now.

" Ford is a much higher quality car vs. Kia"

On average, no. Read Consumer Reports. I was surprised, and also how Hyundai has pulled way ahead of each of the Big 3.

"Its shitty engineering, shitty marketing and incompetent leaders "

And the shoddy line-work of union auto workers who are paid twice the fair value of the work in order to do a lousy job.

Toad734 said...

Ok, you go ahead and buy a Kia and let me know where that gets you. My car was built by the UAW in flat rock, mi, I have had it for 5 years and the only problem I have had is the turn signal going out and the CD player stopped working and an $80 igniter coil went bad a couple of months ago. Not bad for 5 years and a UAW built car. And by the way, cars built in Europe and Japan are all built by union workers.

If an employee of a coffee shop is rude and messes up your order, who is ultimately responsible for making sure you don't get rude and bad service in the future?? Would that be management?? "I would like to speak to the manager" is a pretty common statement when it comes to restaurants and retail. So why is it when a car company puts out a shitty car, you blame the workers? If the cars were designed properly then when assembled, they would function properly. If someone could design a car that people wanted then that car would sell and the company would make money and everyone would be happy. The unions aren't responsible for that aspect. I agree that unions got greedy and can get away with some pretty crazy shit but that is also managements fault for allowing this to go on.

dmarks said...

"Ok, you go ahead and buy a Kia and let me know where that gets you."

My brother has one. The best car he ever had, and he had nothing but American before. I have a Japanese car. It was built by American workers in factories where each worker can choose whether or not to give money to the UAW (i.e. no forced unionization). It is the best car I've ever had, better than the many Big 3 cars I had before.

"My car was built by the UAW in flat rock, mi..."

That might be a Mazda, or a Ford labelled Mazda. Mazda, last time I checked, was a middle of the road company (no pun intended).

"And by the way, cars built in Europe and Japan are all built by union workers."

Europe's cars generally have below average build quality. Not sure what is going on with Japan, but union rules differ by country. I read somewhere that companies in Japan have an easier time firing bad workers than the Big 3 do in the US.

The coffee shop example? Well, the manager is responsible if he refuses to fire the guy. Unless the coffee shop is unionized, he will be able to.

"So why is it when a car company puts out a shitty car, you blame the workers?"

Unlike in that coffee shop, you have the UAW interfering and micro-managing management decisions.... decisions that they are completely unqualified to make. This includes blocking efforts to improve quality and to make line workers more responsible for mistakes. The UAW will protect the jobs of shitty workers.

Your coffee shop example is a great one, and shows the contrast with UAW factories. If the UAW managed to unionized the coffee shop, the barista would be able to pee in your coffee and the manager would face major union grievance actions if he tried to fire that barista.

"If the cars were designed properly then when assembled, they would function properly."

Design quality runs into a brick wall when faced with workers who aren't good at putting the parts together.

Toad734 said...

Bullshit, How hard is it to screw a door to a frame?

The UAW does not interfere with management decisions of what kind of car to make, how big to make it, its gas mileage, safety standard, whether or not they are putting a too small of an engine in a big truck, whether they are just trying to market the same car under a different name or whether or not they put a new body on the frame of a discontinued car and try to market it as a new car. If the supply chain runs dry and there are no parts to run, then yes, the UAW requires the companies to pay the workers whether or not they have something to work on. Again, thats management.

Quality mainly refers to the engineering and design of a vehicle, not if all the screws are tight. If that were the case we would all just get out a screw driver when our cars break down. Almost all the recalls you hear from Ford and GM have to do with the actual pars and how it works in the car, not that the lazy Union workers forgot to screw it in right.

Yes I have a Mazda 6 and I am considering getting the new Mazda 6 when I am tired of the one I have as it has had no major problems at all and has been a great car. I would have to say my favorite car ever was my old Toyota Celica which was made in Japan but the Mazda would be second and yes the Euro cars aren't as good as Japanese or American cars, my Jetta sucked ass and I sold it after 2 years and got the 6.

dmarks said...

"Bullshit, How hard is it to screw a door to a frame?"

Good question, yet Chrysler workers do a worse job of it.

The lazy union workers result in the fit and finish problems with the cars rolling off the line, and knobs that fall off on the floor and all that.