Monday, April 13, 2009

All You Need to Know About the Right Wing

This is about as good as it gets.

You can take out the "Pirate Hostage Situation" and replace it with any issue such as the economy, Iraq, war, WMDs, taxes, America's standing in the world, security, international relations, etc. and the story and it's ending would be the same when it comes to the Reich Wing. All they can do is try to scare you so you will believe their bullshit but what they don't do is offer their own solutions or help fix the problem. Always just talking about how the left will fail or that they are wrong when 98% of the time, they are the ones who are wrong.

Hey, dipshit conservative media: Obama doesn't have to answer to you, you don't know anything, you are insignificant, he is smarter than you, he has the shit under control, you, not he, will fail.

Even your stupid tea bag party will blow up in your face somehow more than it already has. And by the way, wasn't the last time America had a tea party, didn't the people who were participating in it actually have a reason to protest unreasonable taxes? I mean, I only have to assume that the tea baggers are a relative mix of all cross sections of American society, (which they aren't) as a whole which means 95% of them are having their taxes cut by the Obama administration. Again, it doesn't have to be true if they can lie and scare you into thinking they are right and can sell a few books in the process.

Wake up, you are being lied to by the conservative America hating media.

"I hope he fails" - Rush Limbaugh on the President of the United States


Shaw Kenawe said...

Is it just me or is Charles Krauthammer turning into Nosferatu?

And yes. The Republican Party has turned in the the Party of No! No! No! and No! All they can do is nip at the heels of this very popular, very competent president.

That's it.

James Wolfer said...

Its true. The GOP and the far right are done, at least for now. I just posted on another one of their many failures...

And these tea parties are ridiculous. They are just bitter that they lost the election. As Jon Stewart put it: "You lost! Its supposed to taste like sh*t!"

Toad734 said...

But don't you also think they have just turned into a bunch of cry babies that are so spoiled they just make up shit to be upset about? Again, the tea party thing is bullshit, the people participating in these things are the ones who will have their taxes lowered by Obama and its their President who started this whirlwind of spending, government expansion and deficit creation, then deficit spending. They weren't teabagging when we ran up 600 billion in Iraq! Well, they were, but only in the privacy of their airport shitter stall.

Patrick M said...

Well, that video was a collection of cuts that I can't gather the context. I'll give the Kooks credit for their editing prowess.

I will give Obama credit for allowing the pirate situation to be resolved correctly though, with my only disappointment being that there are only three pirates in body bags.

99% of them are having their taxes cut by the Obama...

I thought that number was 95%, including people that don't pay income taxes.

Wake up, you are being lied to by the conservative America hating media.

Didn't you try this line on me on some other subject? Either way, it's a damned broad brush. )

Toad734 said...

It was a great collage.

Ya, I am really not sure Obama, or the President of the United States, really needs to be all that concerned with one American hostage that was 100 feet away from a Navy Vessel. Obama did the right thing but not commenting on the situation and staying out of it and letting the people who know what they are doing, do their jobs.

Well, I think the number is actually about 98%.

Yes, I have used that line before but its pretty appropriate when dealing with the right wing. I mean, they don't always lie, they just don't tell the truth and they don't really say or do much of anything except try to scare people. I mean, they do lie, but I think more than anything else, they just don't know anything and they don't know what they are talking about so when they say Obama is going to start calling Pirates "maritime freedom fighters" and be more concerned with their safety and legal rights than Americans you can see how I could call that a lie. I mean it is the exact opposite of the truth and they all know this but that isn't what they sell. And I suppose "he will" as opposed to "he did" is a little more abstract and harder to actually prove but its still not truth so therefore a lie.

Patrick M said...

There are asshats on both sides that perennially shade the truth. Remember, "Republicans want to take away your social security" gets trotted pretty much every campaign, despite the fact anyone who really did want to would be politically as dead as a Somali pirate.

And the TOTUS disagrees with you on the percentage....

Toad734 said...


So you really think that at the Lima Ohio Teabag party, that 2% of those people are people who make a quarter million dollars per year? Ya, just like Joe the Plumber is about to buy a plumbing business.

Republicans do want to get rid of Social Security. Thank God we didn't let Bush privatize it becuase SS would be in the same place as everyones 401k. Imagine how many corporations we would have had to bail out then??

Patrick M said...

There's a difference between privatize and get rid of, Toad. The fact you believe the propaganda wholesale when any congressman that ever wanted reelection would never risk killing this sacred cow is wholly laughable.

Toad734 said...

Ya, privatization would almost be worse.

What is also laughable is that there is an ammunition shortage because all the hillbillies think Obama is going to go door to door collecting hunter's guns. I mean, do these people realize that we do have a constitution? That is laughable.

Patrick M said...

Ya, privatization would almost be worse.I'm going to laugh now.

I mean, do these people realize that we do have a constitution?Yes, we do. But over the past century, we've seen a whole lot of redefining until the government has found a lot of things in there that don't exist. And on the last 2n Amendment decision from the Supreme Court, 4 of the 9 justices didn't see an individual right there.

That's not in the least bit laughable, despite the panicked reaction on Obama's election.