Monday, March 02, 2009

Conservatives Who Claim Bush Isn't One of Them

CPAC is a gathering of the top conservatives in the country. Some would claim that the economy failed and America's standing in the world has fallen because Republicans and or Bush, abandoned true conservative principles and thus started acting like liberals and that is the reason we are in this mess. Well, I do agree that Bush and conservative principles are what got us into this mess but to me Republicans have been acting exactly like Republicans and here is how:

Over the last 8 years the Republicans who have controlled Washington, have been cutting taxes on rich people, deregulating big business while regulating peoples personal lives, continued the war on drugs, continued its lopsided support of Israel, started wars, interfered in countries where we weren't needed or wanted to further the interests of big business,restricted civil liberties, circumvented law, appointed complete idiots whose education consists of Jerry Falwells Law School to important posts, cut welfare, cut education spending, increased defense spending, ruined the economy, tortured, cut veteran benefits, they have been hating and demonizing some minority, increase the deficit.... The list goes on. That is about as Republican as you get because these principles are not liberals principles.

Here are the main points about this clip 8 months before the ship started sinking and yet more proof that Bush and the Congressional Republicans and the conservative base have gotten us into this mess by acting exactly like conservative Republicans and how the conservatives at the time supported every measure and thought Bush was doing a terrific job:

A. The crowd starts out by chanting "four more years". If he abandoned conservative principles, why does the group of the most eclectic conservatives in the country want him to continue his reign of terror?

B. Bush mentions Cheney and that he was the best Vice President in history, to a standing ovation.

C. When a member of the audience yells, "We love you George" she incites another round of applause and cheers.

Since this was just one year ago, what did Bush do in his last 11 months, that he didn't do in his first 7 years, that all of the sudden abandoned conservative principles? The answer is nothing, it was par for the course. The Republicans have to now pretend that they were against Bush at the time but this clearly shows they were in lock step with the President on almost every issue.

Don't believe the bullshit when someone tries to tell you that the Republicans only screwed things up when they started acting like Democrats. I'm sorry but it's not a platform of the Democrats to take money away from poor and working people and redistribute it to rich bankers; only a Republican could come up with such a scheme. Remember, Democrats are Socialists, they take money away from rich bankers and give it to the poor, not vice versa. Republicans take money from the poor and the middle class and redistribute to the wealthy.

Oh, and when someone asks what Obama has changed or what is different about Obama all you need to do is refer to my list above.


Always Right said...

You seem to have the false feeling that ALL conservatives are ashamed of being associated with President Bush.

WellI have news for you, I'm not... In fact I'm very proud of him and what he did for Ameican.

It's people like Carter, Clinton and OBAMA that I am ashamed of..And by the way.I'm Not Ashamed Of My Opinions either.

Just so you know it, the booing of an outgoing president at Obamas Inauguration made me ASHAMED!

Toad734 said...

You mean, what he did TO America.

Ya, you should be proud, he and his thugs left this country in great shape.

No, I am ashamed of Iraq, 9/11, the Economy, torture, The Patriot Act, the squandered budget surplus, etc.

What I am not ashamed of is that we live in a country where a bad President can be booed without people having their heads cut off.

My Blog said...

The Left just doesn’t get it, do they?

We can spend all day arguing policy, arguing freedom and liberty. At the end of the day, Wall Streeters are not ideologues. They’re pragmatists that put the rest of us who spin our webs of theory to shame.

You want to know how good or bad an economic policy (or stimulus, or budget) is? Check out how Wall Street reacts. These people have their lives and livelihood completely invested in it. If any of us are wrong, we are embarrassed and look foolish. But our arguments will live on. We’ll debate this crap till the end of time.

For a real perspective, check out those who do it for a living. They don’t care if it’s a “D” or an “R”. They want good policy, and they’re not seeing it right now. For them it’s not about who’s “up” and who’s “down” politically. They know how to make money, and they know Obama’s plans are wrong for the economic health of America.

While the Obana Administration spends their time berating Corporate America, demonizing “the wealthy”, and attacking Rush Limbaugh, their policies are scaring the begeezus out of the people who make the wealth in this country.

Toad734 said...

Actually Wall Street often goes rallies against good economic policy. It is Wall Street which pushed for more deregulation which allowed them to merge banks and mortgage lenders, bought loans given to homeless people, bought and issued junk bonds, invested in pyramid schemes gave us this stock market crash, the one in the 80s and the one in 29. All based on letting Wall Street do what they want and invent phony products which supposedly make money.

They thought Enron was sound economic policy and it wasn't, they thought there could possibly be anything wrong with buying sub primes and counting debt as profit. In other words they don't know what they are doing and they are reacting negatively because the era of laissez-faire is over and they will now have to play by the rules and that the 80million dollar per year CEO packages are a thing of the past especially when he is driving his company into the ground. Wall Street often likes no regulation and initially reacts favorably to it but this is where that gets us.

So, maybe you should say the people who destroy the wealth in this country are scared because they haven't invented a new scheme to take our money yet again, besides of course the bail out. They deserve to be berated, they asked for my money and flew their execs to corporate retreats, they got us into this mess due to greed and stupidity.

WHen a child behaves badly you have to punish it or they will repeat their mistakes. Apparently the lessons weren't taught in 29, well they were, its just that Phil Gramm was able to remove all that regulation that was put into place to prevent such a crash from happening again.

I think you must be reading out of the wrong book or something.

Whats Rush’s solution? Besides taking another wife and eating another Pizza? Cut his and other Rich peoples taxes. Thats what got us into this deficit in the first place. Well, that and the war and Bush’s empire.

My Blog said...

I saw you comment on another blog where you said.
"Wow, are you really comparing Obama to Hitler.

You have the audacity to act as if your freedom of speech under Obama is threatened after the last guy signed the Patriot Act?"

I'd love the opportunity to explain why he IS!
I think that he IS and here's why..He is similar to Hitler in that he has broad popular appeal, offers vague promises of change, and speaks very well and very often.
When Hitler was first elected he came out of the gate running and his country was all excited about the "Change" he promised.
Obama is a Socialist and most Socialist tend to opress the religious ideas and freedoms of religious groups. Wait until he grows our government so big that we are taxed 40% of our paycheck and wait until his administration controls everything that we say and do. The fact is that Hitler started out as a socialist. If you watch the speeches of Hitler you will see women and the young college students fainting and people standing in line to get Hitler’s autograph. Does this sound and look familiar?
Hitler came to power as a change from the awful economy. He promised to decrease the unemployment rate and restore Germany’s standing in the world. He was voted in democratically. Then he slowly began to take away constitutional rights of citizens-such as free speech, right to bear arms, freedom to worship….It was not until after, that he turned into the crazy Hitler that we all remember.
Its already happening. His ideas are ridiculous. He is going to bankrupt this nation and make us dependent on government. The next step is to try to shut us up. And by no means let's not forget his is his youth military movement .
he only important difference between Nazi-ism, Fascism,
Communism, Socialism and Liberalism is the spelling.

Obama Nation said...

I find it interesting that you say, "WHen a child behaves badly you have to punish it or they will repeat their mistakes."

Obama and his administration are doing the exact opposite. They are rewarding bad behavior, plain and simple. People bought homes they couldn't afford and now they are paying (or rather, not paying) the price.
And by the way, Bill Clinton's Housing Act could be looked to for the cause of the falling housing market. He mandated that banks give people loans even though they weren't really good for the money.
And I for one am incredibly pissed off that the government thinks it can spend my money better than I can. Why should I pay for my neighbor's mortgage?

Toad734 said...

My Blog:

I had to wait to be sure but now I am pretty confident that you are fucking crazy.

You just described Oprah, Letterman and almost every other famous person in history. Wow, Obama can speak in full sentences and people like him, yes I can see how that is foreign to Bush people and they don't understand a President who isn't having his strings pulled by Cheney, Halliburton and the Oil companies but I'll take a likable, smart, well spoken, educated, self-made guy over that moron from Texas any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Oh, and by the way, Obama is a Democrat, not a Socialist. Do you even know what a Socialist is? And you are forgetting one big important thing here, OBAMA DOESN'T HAVE CARLOADS FULL OF JEWS WAITING TO GO TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS!! Are you really this retarded? Rahm Emanuel and half of his staff are Jews.

The fact is I can find more links to Bush and Hitler than you could ever find with Obama. For one, Bush's Grandfather financed the Nazi war machine. How’s that for starters? Bush is the one who took away our rights.

And I seem to remember hoards of home schooled Jesus freaks crying at Bush rallies and what about all those morons in Texas who showed up to greet Bush when he came home? I was looking for the Kool-Aid stand.

If you are really so dense that you think Obama is Hitler (or anyone on this planet for that matter) then please don't ever comment on my page again because I would have better luck debating a coffee cup. And remind me to never contaminate my eyes on your blog because I am sure its a doozy.

Obama nation:

You have a point in that yes they are being rewarded as an entity although the CEOs and what not now have pay limits. So who was it that set this precedent of handing out my tax money to rich banks?? Oh right, that was W. Bush.

Name me one bank Clinton forced to give loans to homeless people. Just one.

I just had this conversation and it’s amazing that people still try to talk about this subject when they know little to nothing about it.


Wall Street, after seeing everyone dump their stocks to put their money into real estate, saw that home prices were sky rocketing and thus decided to get into the mortgage business (thanks to a bill written by Phil Gramm) and told mortgage companies they would buy sub prime loans. The Mortgage companies issued more sub prime loans and the banks bought them, it’s as simple as that. The Mortgage companies were covered because they sold the bad loans immediately; the banks thought they were covered because they thought real estate prices would continue to increase 10% a year forever. Just as they did in the depression, they figured they could simply transfer the wealth from the home owners to themselves when the homeowners defaulted. Surprise, those homes really weren't worth what had been paid for them so the banks got screwed. They won during the depression and that was one of the largest wealth transfers in our nation’s history but their gamble didn't pay off this time around and now they have their hands out just like the fat black women in the welfare line who had too many kids.

So until you can name me one bank which was forced to buy sub prime assets or one mortgage company who was forced to give a loan to someone or even one law which required banks to give interest only mortgages to people who didn't qualify, I will agree with you but the fact is that deregulation and the free market came up with all these brilliant ideas and got us into this mess. Specifically, look at a couple of Bills (one being called the Enron bill) sponsored by Phil Gramm in the late 90s and 2000 which erased depression era regulation which had been on the books for decades.

Always Right said...

Toad734 said...

"You mean, what he did TO America.
Ya, you should be proud, he and his thugs left this country in great shape.

No, I am ashamed of Iraq, 9/11, the Economy, torture, The Patriot Act, the squandered budget surplus, etc.

What I am not ashamed of is that we live in a country where a bad President can be booed without people having their heads cut off."

Man you sure do sound like a sicko to me.
I suggest that you take a cold shower and continue reading The Communist Manifesto.
Good luck with your hero Obama the terrorist sympathizer who is just about to destroy this entire country!

Toad734 said...

Ha ha, terrorist sympathizer? Thats a good one. Well, I would rather have a terrorist sympathizer as a president than a terrorist so at least we upgraded.

And he is trying to fix the country your guy destroyed.

And have fun reading Mein Kampf. And listening to Rush Limbaugh eat cheeseburgers on the air.

Songgirl said...

Who hates America most? Putin, or you?

Toad734 said...

I would say Limbaugh actually takes the first prize. He wants America to fail. Of course, you could argue that Bush hates America too seeing how he treated it and how he ruined the economy and put us into bankruptcy over the last 8 years.

I have done nothing to harm America nor do I hope it fails.

Unlike some...

dmarks said...

Toad: "Bush's Grandfather financed the Nazi war machine. How’s that for starters? Bush is the one who took away our rights."

At that time that the Bush ancestor dealt with Hitler's Germany (as part of dealing with the rest of the world), most businesses with businesses overseas did this.

"Bush is the one who took away our rights."

Bush signed McCain Feingold, and his administration took away my rights to carry a drink aboard an airplane. Other than that, my rights were left intact during his administration.

dmarks said...


Bad government regulation (Fannie Mae policy) encouraged this. It was a case of over-regulation.

dmarks said...

and finally, Toad said: "I'm sorry but it's not a platform of the Democrats to take money away from poor and working people and redistribute it to rich bankers; only a Republican could come up with such a scheme."

It is a current policy of the Democrats. Look at Obama's latest AIG bailout, and also look at strong Democratic Congressional support of the bailouts during the end of the Bush Administration.

Democrats have been instrumental in crafting and passing and supporting these schemes which all "to take money away from poor and working people and redistribute it to rich bankers"

Toad734 said...

Well, actually, Bush may be listening in on your phone calls right now, without a judges order and you wouldn't know about it. So he took away more rights other than taking a drink on a place. He also reserved the right to torture you or hold you without charges if he so desired. But you know, those laws only affect brown people so you should be fine.

Yes thanks for admitting that too much government deregulation cause this current problem. One actaually only has to look as far as McCains old financial advisor Phil Gramm.

Who started this handout to AIG and Leehman Brothers? Ill give you a clue, it wasn't Obama.

dmarks said...

"Bush may be listening in on your phone calls right now"

Transmissions over open airwaves were never secure nnd private to begin with.

"hold you without charges if he so desired"

Entirely easy to avoid if by simply NOT choosing to commit acts of terrorism.

Too much regulation caused the current problem. We would likely not have the mess if not for bad Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (government agency policies) encouraging banks to behave badly: policies urged by Democrats who wanted banks to loan to underserving people, and blocked efforts to stop these government agencies from doing this.

Obama urged the first AIG bailout, and the latest one is completely his baby.

"the squandered budget surplus"

There was none. The national debt increased during each and every one of Clinton's 8 years.

Toad734 said...

What country do you live in? You do realize that until Bush, a judge had to grand permission for the government to tap your phones. Bush made it to where you didn't have to have probable cause or a judges permission.

"They came for the Jews and I didn't speak out becuase I wasn't a Jew"

No, simply not being a terrorist doesn't keep you from being detained. They have used both of these tactics on drug dealers and "suspected" terrorist. So if you have ever talked to someone, who has even thought about terrorism, or drug dealing, they have enough evidence to pick you up and hold you indefinitely. And don't think those laws can't be used in other ways. Just like the gun nuts say taking AK-47s and grenades away from 8 year olds is the first small step before they take shotguns away from hunters, saying they have the right to detain "terrorists" without charge is the first step before they hold people they just don't like or happen to be of a certain ethnic background. You can ask the Guilford 4 about that one.

There was a 236.4 Billion dollar budget surplus in 2000 when Clinton left office. Again, what country have you been living in? THe big government spenders of the Bush administration made sure they created a way to send that to their rich friends in Blackwater and Halliburton.

Rush Limbaugh is lying to you!

The Screaming Conservative said...

I have listened to Rush and other republican talk shows for years and have learned this: For the most part they are entertainers. They deal with politics but they are primarily in the business to make money. I take most of it with a grain of salt and the understanding that to them it is profitable to say the most outlandish things. Having said that I do agree with most of Rush's positions when it comes to Obama and his liberal socialist agenda. Time will tell who is "right". I continue to hope that Obama is sucessful because this is my country and my sucess is tied with its sucess.
BUT, and a big but, Do you Libs have anything constructive to add? Or are you just pissing your self? The majority of media outlets in this country are liberal. You can not argue about that..You can argue and protest to the contrary it is fact. Talk radio is the last bation of conservative speach and on tv we have Fox news. Would you propose to silence the dissent, are you so insecure in your principles that you cannot handle anyone who speaks against you.

Toad734 said...

First off, Obama isn't a socialist. Thats like when liberals call Bush a Nazi. Obama is liberal but educated and liberal does not = Socialist. Just because he doesn't want to give tax breaks and welfare to the Rich and wants babies to be treated when they are sick, doesn't meant he is a socialist.

And yes we have something to add and his name is Obama and he the exact opposite of Bush and he is doing and saything things that we have been saying for the last 8 years.

So you think Rush is right with regards to what he says about Obama? So you think that doing the complete opposite of what has been going on for the last 8 years, the opposite of what got us into the mess we are in now, is going to be a bad thing? How can it be worse?

You mean the majority of the media outlets besides Clear Channel who is the largest owner of FM and AM stations in the country representing 1200 stations and one of the largest operators of advertising billboards, and of course the FOX Network, along with all the Limbaughs, Hannity's, Oreiley's, Coulters, you see on TV everyday, The Drudge Report, National Review, Newsmax,Washington Times, Wall Street Journal Opinion, Worldnetdaily, The Weekly Standard That liberal media?

Where do you get it that I somehow want to silence opposition? That's the people on the right. I don't hear Bill Maher turning off people's mic's when they start disputing him, that is Bill Oreilley.

The Jones Boy said...

Toad said "First off, Obama isn't a socialist. Thats like when liberals call Bush a Nazi. Obama is liberal but educated and liberal does not = Socialist."

Thats the funniest thing I ever heard. And the most ridicules thing as well.

Lots of luck with that one...LMAO