Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enough With the Teleprompter

Ok, I get that it is a hard concept for Republicans to understand that we have a President who can actually read, but everyone who gives speeches uses a teleprompter or a speech written on paper. With a teleprompter the speaker can actually look into the camera and speak into the mic as opposed to looking at his notes and speaking into the podium.

And another thing that pisses me off is that people are now actually saying that because Limbaugh didn't use a teleprompter at the Nazi convention or where ever it was he last spoke, that he would easily defeat Obama in a debate. Ok, so he used notes, not a teleprompter, it doesn't make him Yoda. But for the record, lets break down their qualifications when it comes to depating policy:

A.Obama has won several nationally televised debates against very formidable opponents such as Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee for President
B. Rush has never debated anyone. Rush has never appeared on Hardball, Chris Matthews Show, Real Time, This Week, Daily Show, Meet the Press, etc. No debates with any hostile opponents. Even Ann Coulter has the balls (literally perhaps) to face these guys.

A. Obama got a degree in Political Science from Columbia University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School where he became the first black President of the Harvard Law Review.
B. Rush Graduated from Cape Central High School and flunked out of Southeast Missouri State University after 2 semesters

A. Obama was once a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago
B. Rush was once a disc jockey in Pennsylvania

A. Obama wrote a book which remained on the best sellers list for 30 weeks
B. Rush wrote a book which remained on the best sellers list for 24 weeks

A. Obama is the leader of the free world, digging us out of the mess Rush's hero, George W Bush got us into
B. Rush is an uneducated, three time divorcee, overweight, drug addict who is nothing more than a Monday Morning QB who can't offer any solutions of his own except for shitting on every move Obama makes and saying, "I hope he fails".

A. Obama loves America and wants it to succeed
B. Rush hates America and wants it to fail

A. Obama can dunk a basketball
B. Rush can dunk 5 doughnuts and a cheeseburger into his mouth at one time

A. Obama is half black
B. Rush hates black people

A. Everyone listens to Obama when he speaks
B. Only morons who don't know anything and get their kicks out of bug zappers listen to Rush

A. Obama uses a teleprompter just like Bush did when giving speeches
B. Rush probably uses a teleprompter on his radio show because how would anyone know otherwise but in reality he doesn't really need one because after all, he says the same shit over and over again: "Democrats are Socialists", "I hope he fails", "Its all the liberals fault", "The Government forced all mortgage companies to give loans to the homeless and then forced Wall Street to buy those bad assets", "I love cock and hillbilly heroin", etc.

Ya, I am sure Limbaugh would win a debate against Obama.

What a joke.

P.S. It might have been nice if Bush had a teleprompter on 9/11 instead of doing his deer in the headlights routine. Having someone other than Cheney telling him what to do or say would have actually been a good thing.









Shaw Kenawe said...

Thank you for posting this. There's a blog devoted to making fun of President Obama because he uses a teleprompter.

This is what the radical right has been reduced to.

But at least it keeps them busy and gives them a sense that they're relevant. What else have they got?

Rush? He's got a 26% approval rating with the American people.

Mad cow disease is more popular than he is.

Let them have their juvenile jokes over a telepromter and the rest of us can watch how a real grown-up leads this country.

It must suck to be them.

Jack Reylan said...

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James Wolfer said...

Wow. You seem coherent. And by coherent I mean a jackass who just typed a complete stream of idiotic consciousness.

OpenMindedRepublican said...

Obama and Rush in a debate?
Thats... just... hard to picture.
I mean, really. I have suffered imagination failure.

My generally low opinion of Rush improved a bit after I read his CPAC speach. I had forgotten that in between all of the obnoxiousness he has occasional moments of brilliance.

I understand that a lot of people disagree with Obama. But it is disturbing to watch people I have had sane, intelligent conversations with completely loose their mind when he comes up. Maybe it is just a sort of reaction to the intense Bush hate we had for years?

Patrick M said...

Want some cheese with that whine? :)

Seriously, you guys got 8 years of cracking Bushisms. We're already running out of gas putting "um" between every word.

Shaw: I think you mean Obama's Teleprompter's site (heard about it from Rush).

Patrick M said...

Oops, wrong one. Here's the real one.

Toad734 said...


I think tomorrow morning when you wake up with a massive hangover, you will be regretting getting hammered and then posting shit on the internet.


Obviously I didn't watch Rushes speech, perhaps I was afraid his gravitational pull would rip my limbs off my body but what exactly did he say that was so brilliant?

And by the way, Obama has done nothing but do everything he said he would do while on the campaign trail and its only been about a months worth of stuff at that. People are pissed that we have a black president named Barack Obama and that the Republicans proved once again that their agenda only gets us into deep shit. These people do want Obama to fail and they are afraid that if he pulls us out of this mess they will be exposed. So its hate based on nothing really, Bush earned his hatred. He had the whole world on his side on 9/11 and tried his hardest to be the most divisive, incompetent presidents of all time.

TRUTH 101 said...

You do know OMR that if you give a room full of monkeys typewriters, eventually a coherent word or two will be typed. Much the same with Rush Limbaugh. I apologise to all offended monkeys.

OpenMindedRepublican said...

The transcript of his speach is here :

Now I understand the odd line about teleprompters in his speach. Bleh. Oh well, he is what he is.

I like that he is pushing the idea that Republicans need to do better. That the way to get back in the running is not just more politics. Mind you, that is only a small part of what he said, but it is the first I have heard it from any Republican.

Hey! I know what I want to see.

Limbaugh vs. Jon Stewart. Man, that one would need bouncers. But can you imagine the ratings?

Toad734 said...


I agree that Republicans need to do better because they have pretty much sucked over the last 20 years or so. Lincoln was a good one and I think I like that guy who said the AIG execs. should kill themselves but they are selling a dead technology. Their methods and ideas have been tested and failed...miserably.

So is that all you liked about the speech? Because the "we like people" thing is bullshit. In fact I would say its just the opposite. They like embryos, sure, but once the actual person comes out they want to starve them, invade their privacy, spy on them, watch them, kick them when they are down and send them to jail, shoot them and put them in the electric chair. So I don't see how that is "liking people".

And I thought he said something about not beating Democrats with policy?? That to me means they are just selling a lie and that their policies, again, just suck.

I would pay money to see Limbaugh vs Stewart but it would never happen because Rush doesn't have the nevre or ammunition to face someone like Stewart. I almost went to see Maher vs. Coulter but I actually hater her more than I hate Rush so I would have probably had to smack a bitch.

The Gray Headed Brother said...

The teleprompter nonsense is just another way of bashing.
It looks as if they have nothing of substance to say so they resort to the teleprompter nonsense.
Well so be...Only in America.
God Bless Her.

Arthurstone said...

It's just plain mean to imply the former President was 'wired' to receive instructions during a debate back in 2004.

That lump under his suit jacket is just his electrical receptacle. Contrary to popular myth George never was battery operated.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Of course Obama uses a teleprompter. ALL politicians use them. It’s just our way of cracking jokes at Obama. Just like when you, the Left, made fun of the way Bush talked or wore a cowboy hat. It’s always the same crap. The Left bashes a Republican President; the Right bashes a Democratic President. It’s such a total waste of time. But we aren’t going to change it; so we blog about it and get debates and dialogue going. At least we’re being constructive.

Anonymous said...

See the weird spine on Bush? Yea, thats the whole Reptilian thing.