Friday, February 13, 2009

'Praise Darwin' Billboards Spark Reply

'Praise Darwin' Billboards Spark Reply


If you read the World Net article you will find that this ad campaign by zealots is in response to a group called Freedom From Religion's pro-Darwin anti theistic ad campaign which is in response to all the Jesus and God billboards you see on the highway while driving through the Bible Belt and Midwest.

The funniest thing about this billboard is that it is slamming Atheism for one of the main tenants of Christianity/Judaism/Islam; the notion that an all perfect being called God was created out of nothing. Somehow, they think this argument is a slam dunk on how evolution is impossible but what it tells me is that God couldn't possibly exist since he had no creator. Using the scientific method, I just want to know which is more likely:

A. An all perfect, all knowing, all powerful being was created out of nothing and who after living for millions of years, gets bored and creates a dude but oops, not good enough, then creates another being, a woman, who ruins man's paradise and then this "god" offers no other proof of his existence yet still commands you follow "his laws" which includes handing over part of your income to "his" church. And this all happened about 10k years ago and Pangaea breaking apart had no real effects on humanity who, by the way, used to ride Dinosaurs to church.

B. Some basic matter and amino acids seemingly appear out of nowhere, although no scientist actually states that they did appear out of nowhere, that's just the point where we can no longer find any evidence of a more distant beginning, and once these amino acids combine to form proteins it spurs the billions of years of evolution which ultimately leads to life on Earth leaving behind a fossilized blue print of this evolution which can be easily chronicled and studied.

By the way, faith isn't scientific; it cannot be measured.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog when looking for facts to piss off my cheezus phreak neo-con "friends" who think Obama is the anti Christ. I am so happy to have found you. The views of you and your friends are spot on. I will help you spread the word. My only beef is, where were you from November until now? Did you take time off like Jesus did when he was a teenager? Don't give up. I will be back!

dmarks said...

Anon: I doubt that any of these friends are actual neoconservatives. For one thing, there are very few of them out there. For another, everything I read about them says that they tend to be Jewish, and as such are not phreaks for "Cheezus" or looking for signs of the Anti-christ.

Toad: Any idea what the fine print on the billboard is? I got errors when I tried to expand it.

While I don't want any of this censored. I think that any billboard that bashes others' religions or atheism is immature and socially destructive.

Toad734 said...

Agreed, anyone who really cares that much that someone doesnt pray to the same invisible man as they do needs to get a life.

As far as "fine print" are you talking about " Someone who believes that nothing made everything" ? "A Scientific Impossiblity"?

Which is exactly what Christians believe by the way.

Shaw Kenawe said...


If you read further into neocons, you'll read about the "philosophers" and the "gentlemen."

Google Leo Strauss.

The "philosophers" tend to be nonbelievers, while they get the "gentlemen" (believers and usually from the wealathy upper classes) to carry out their agenda.

The neocon philosophy is that religion is very, very useful to destract the masses while carrying out their ideology, but they're very seldom religious themselves.

Also, when you google him, read about the "noble lie."

This will connect directly to Bush (the "gentleman") and the non-existent WMDs.

Anonymous said...

I found you as I was looking for something else. I am puzzled by your comments, for the very act of creation suggests and implies that a being that is superior to all of us did indeed make that which we now have. The randomness of evolutionary theory is is MUCH harder to grasp, yet is believed by those who REJECT a creator.
-Oddly enough the act of evolution with all of these random acts coming together to create (yes we ahve use it here) the final products of life as we know it takes more faith than what can be called intelligent design.
--Those who mock this be using the term "cheezus" do not add to an inteeligent discussion, but simply detract from a polite discourse. To the inaccurate comment about Obama and the anti-Christ, it cannot be, wrong time, wrong place, and other items that say wrong. Will he lead the US closer to this by policy decisions, could be. Have other world leaders, yes.
--- If you wish to discuss eschatology, perhaps you should read up on it, a lot. This topic divides those who you mocked.
Would it surprise you to know that local minister/priest/pastor is usually more educated than the average worker? In order to criticize thew positions of those who would ridicule the historic Christian faith, the church leader would not only have to know what the Bible would say on the topic, but hat of those who would disagree. That take A LOT OF TIME.
To those who would disagree with the historic Christian faith, the lifestyle and values that have contributed to the growth of the western world, I would only ask that you would keep it respectful. The author of this article was indeed respectful, follow this person's lead.