Monday, July 17, 2006

Really? Thanks. And What's With Israel?

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Apparently, my paper shredder doesn't recommend sticking hands and ties through its blades. Paper, however, is ok. I suppose that explains why the box it came in had the words "Paper Shredder" written all over it. I wonder if hand and tie shredders have warnings about not putting paper through them. Is this something they have had problems with in the past and really thought needed to be addressed?

That’s all I have for now other than the issue of Israel thinking that a "buffer zone" in Lebanon is a good idea. Ya, it seems to have worked out well for them in the West Bank and in Gaza.

The other things I notice about this conflict is that they always refer to Hezbollah as "funded and armed by Syria and Iran" but they don't ever describe Israel as "funded and armed by the U.S.".

Also, I heard some fellow liberals saying that Israel needed to quit targeting civilians. I would have to agree with them but the statement sounds incomplete without calling for Hezbollah and Hamas to quit targeting civilians as well. Although, one must point out that the last two actions of Hezbollah and Hamas that started all this was the kidnapping of IDF soldiers, not the bombing of Israeli civilians. Maybe that should be viewed as progress. That being said, why does Israel only respond this harshly to attacks against their military and not to the attacks against its civilians? Anyone have any ideas on this?


Mike V. said...

Read Paul Craig Roberts' last couple of columns that are linked off Smirking Chimp.

And this one:

Toad734 said...

I assume this wont shed any light on the paper shredder.

Mike V. said...


Just don't stick your hand in it.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, NewsBlog 5000 said...

I assume it is safe to put my penis in the shredder. There is no warning. They are practically insisting.

I assume you bring up the shredder because of George W. Bush's road map for peace in the Middle East, which has apparently been put through one.

Mike V. said...

His roadmap for the middle east was a script:

KC said...

Your paper shredder has a dummy warning on it b/c of all the friggin cry babies in this country who refuse to take personal responsiblity and blame everyone else for their own stupidity....Welcome to the nanny state..

As for the middleeast? Bomb the snot outta all of them and Let GOD sort them out...There are NO winners in that has been going on since Biblical Times!

erinberry said...

O, brilliant idea, kc.


Grant said...

Israel may prize its soldiers more than their civilians the way that the courts usually punish people more for killing cops than civilians. They may be willing players instead of innocent bystanders, but they also represent the government.

Toad734 said...

Good point but they are military targets and thus fair game. You can't get mad when your soldier is killed in battle. Sure it sucks but he is a soldier and he knows what he is getting into, especially in Israel. Civilians on the other hand are not military targets and the government should me more outraged when someone targets their citizens directly. It sure pissed Bush off and he doesn't seem to care much for our soldiers. It just seems backwards to me.


So where is God going to sort the bombers?

Unitari said...

A couple of fun facts:

- Hezbollah was founded in 1982 to fight Israel's occupation of south Lebanon.

- Clearly Hezbollah and Hamas use terrorism (killing civilians) as a means of fighting Israel. Hezballah apparently does some good things inside lebanon but their final goal (I think) is taking over the country... so I agree that they need to go.

- In the end when you look at number of people that were killed since 2000 (I'm talking about Israel and Palestine here since I don't have any stats on Lebanon), the number of killed palestinians is almost 4 times more than the number of killed Israelis. This includes terrorist and non-terrorist(!) killing of civilians.

- Nobody cares about civilians dying anyway. I think it's just talk.

- I think the financial damage that Israel is inflicting on Lebanon is devastating as well.

Dorna said...

The difference is that everybody already consideres Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist groups/governments. And these groups do not claim that they are not. That is why we do not aid these groups.

Israel however is expected to behave differently and not attack civilians. That is because Israel wants the west on their side, for financial and military support. The liberals attack Israel for bombing people's houses because we are aiding Israel and basically, it is partly our responsibility.

Karenpuppy said...

Also, don't use your shredder in the bathtub! (Once bitten, twice shy.)

Boiled Owl said...

From the grfix, Toad, it looks like your shredder will only shred twelves.

Toad734 said...

But what about all my 8s?