Friday, April 01, 2005

Crazy Left Wing Liberal Causes

I went to a website the other day titled "Liberal Utopia", and in the synopsis the author says he wants to show what a hell this country would be if the "liberals" got their way. Well, he didn't do that; he basically sucked Bush off for a while and then took the all too predictable stances on Schiavo, ANWR, SS, guns and all the other issues that Jesus would have sided with two thousand years ago. After spending my three minutes on his page I soon found myself reading CNN, updating my blog, looking at porn , jamming darts into my eyes or something else a little more productive. I soon started contemplating what the world would be like if the liberals had their way.

Although some may, I have never really considered myself a "bleeding heart lefty liberal", other than maybe a few social issues such as tolerance and equality, but then I don't really consider those causes to be liberal, just logical. At this point I started looking at what "liberal" causes have done for this guy, and everyone else in this country, and realized that without these liberal causes, this country would be hell.

Here are all the crazy ideas we can blame on those hippie/commie liberals:

The freedom to write this blog
40 hour work weeks
The weekend
Overtime pay
Holidays and Holiday pay
Child welfare laws
Child labor laws
Homeless shelters
Clean air
Clean water
National Parks
Forest Preserves
Unemployment benefits
Social Security
Drug treatment centers
Tenant rights
Historical preservation societies
Free Libraries
Campaign laws
After school programs
Antitrust laws
Equal opportunity
And most importantly the 1st, 4th, 5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,13th,14th,15th,16th,19th,21st and 24th amendments and everything they include such as the abolition of slavery and women’s rights, just to name a few.

Ya Ya, I'll give credit where credit is due; conservatives are responsible for 2nd and 18th amendments.

Hmm, how valid is that 18th amendment now?

Constitutial Amendments

Please let me know if I have left any out.


trick said...

too bad that almost all those things are being undermined as we speak.

Toad734 said...

No, Libraries are still free, you just can't keep the books you check out confidential.

trick said...

We're all free as long as we agree with the administration

The Theorist said...

Dude, like the blog, but gotta correct 2 small things in this post.

National Parks and anti-trust laws are both things we can thank Teddy Roosevelt for. He was a Republican who understood what is imporatant to this country. Unlike the asshats that have taken over the party now.

Josh said...

all i know is that i voted for kerry. im pretty left of center though.
nice blog. i enjoyed reading many of the posts..and if ya visit mine, please make sure ya leave a pin in the guestmap and comment if ya can!

Toad734 said...

RE: Conspiracy

I said liberal, I didn't say Republican. Remember The Republicans used to be the liberal party, afterall, Lincoln freed the slaves.
Plus, these are things that are liberal in nature, or things that conservatives, traditionalist or big business might have fought against, and tree huggers and unions would have fought for.

SFChick74 said...

Public schools and fire fighters might be added to that list. Any and all public works (water, roads, sewer, etc.) could be added too.

GrigorPDX said...

While TR was a Republican, he was the sort of Republican this nation truly needs back - a true conservative in the literal sense of the word, not one of these would-be totalitarian neo-conservative fascists who control the party now. Sometime around or after Nixon (who, for all his faults, was integral in the modern development of federal financial aid for college) the Republican party lost its way. They have gone a long way from the party of Lincoln.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the laissez faire economics so touted by the Republicans is, by the literal definition, "liberal" while the environmental policies those of us on the left are so passionate about is technically "conservative"?

Toad734 said...


It was the Reagan administration that first started taping into the fundamentalist Christian right and it just snowballed from there. I think issues such as, God, guns abortion and homosexuals just fell into into party lines and then somehow, those parties became associated with only those issues and people forgot that the Republicans were the party for small government and that the Democrats were going to stand up for the working man. Of course Clinton betrayed the working man by signing NAFTA and maybe when those people lost their jobs, they thought Jesus and the Republicans could save them.
So now what you have is instead of moderately religious middle class people with good jobs, you turned them into poor people with shitty jobs, with no hope other than their religion, and the rich Republicans tricked them into voting for Jesus.
In other words, the nations poor and vulnerable are voting for the Rich and the privileged. It's really kind of sad.

shadylayne said...

Isn't this whole discussion just more proof that another party is needed? Heck, why not three more parties? It works in other countries. There are clearly republicans who disagree with the "compassionate conservative" Christian hijacking of their party. There are democrats who are tired of their party leaders being so spineless. Both parties seem beyond repair, so why can't we make a third party work??

Toad734 said...

Because the American people are stupid and brainwashed. They are unable to look at a candidate and research what he is all about and how that will affect them.
Why do you think one has a Donkey and the other has an Elephant as their logos? So some COPS watching dip shit can pick the one he likes best and point to it to cast his vote. It alleviates the need for things such as words and discussion. If you love Jesus and hate fags then vote for the Elephant, if you think the poor and middle class people should be able to get good jobs in America then vote for the donkey.

STP said...

I love the list. Great way of summing up some truth as opposed to the wingnut b.s.

right is right said...

Oh dear, I came to this site for ideas to expose the craziness of the left and hot dog I hit gold! Thank you.

By the way, tolerance is great, and uh… where might one find it in California for those who voted FOR prop 8? And as for equality, where is the equality in how Obama is and has been treated by the press and American schools when it came to his inauguration? Was that equality?

A few things to be considered in this list:

40 hour work weeks are joke, most people work far more than that, and many enjoy doing it too. People who only work 40 hours a week are rarely ones in careers, rather those folk suffer with having a job.

Overtime pay is good you say? Well then so much for your love of that 40 hour work week huh? It's good to have it both ways all the time isn't it mr. Toad? Us Righties only aspire to occasionally have it both ways, but we always land up throwing our own over board when we try it.

Holiday's and holiday pay - more wanting something for nothing. Yep, that's leftist.

Child labour laws, HAVE YOU NEVER WATCHED THE DISNEY CHANNEL? Talk about exploitation of children, or even Nickelodeon for that matter.

Homeless shelters - check to see how many of those there really are, and then check to see if it is your precious government or liberals running them and then be shocked to see it most often Christians running them!!!!!

Clean air and clean water is partisan? That's funny!!!! Or even Historical Preservations societies and libraries being partisan, OMG, you are a comedian mr. Toad.

National Parks - as pointed out by someone else, TR not FDR.

Social Security, again your wit is high!!!! The largest pyramid scheme in mankind that Social Security program. Will you sing its praises when over 60% of the pay of the remaining work force is used to cover that pyramid scheme? Yeah I know, probably.

To try and nail a few more (though the rest are all approachable) equal opportunity dies every time a quota system is in place, and every time a quota system IS in place.

Check you history books on who was trying to KEEP segregation mr. Toad. You will find many a "D" by their congressional name.

Who taught you that the founding fathers of the Constitution were all liberals when they drafted so many of those amendments? Those in your left wing academia? Read further, and you might find out that there were plenty of conservatives that penned those ideas.

Oh, I so want to expose all of these things but instead maybe I will take the author's advice and stab darts in my eyes.

Toad734 said...

Prop 8: So you say that it's not fair that people who aren't being treated equally are mad at their opressors and that is somehow bad? Its just like all those crazy negros who would organize slave rebellions...What were they thinking?

As far as how Obama is being treated, well that's the difference between someone who openly advocates torture and one who condemns it, one who wants to restrict our freedoms and liberties and one who wants to expand them, one who starts wars for the price of oil and one who will end the war and one who says "Nuculer" and someone who can speak in full sentences. If your side can ever put up a candidate who didn't blow men in airport bathroom stalls, cross dress, or thinks the Earth is 10k years old, maybe they will command more respect from the media. That was easy.

And since 150 years ago someone like Obama would have been owned by someone like you, it is a big news story that redneck America has a black President before Canada, before France before UK, etc. If you don't like the new, turn to Fox News, they will invent their own which will please you.

Most people don't work 40 hours a week anymore, nor do they get paid for overtime because A. companies are finding ways around over time and B. The right has managed to bust up most unions and the workers are once again without any rights or C. They can't work full times because all those jobs have moved to China or Mexico and places like UPS will only hire people for 30 hours a week so they don't have to pay them any benefits.

As much as people on the right bitch about Jews and liberals who want to kill christmas, you seem awfuly excited about working on Christmas. I assume you think we should skip memorial day and the 4th of July too. I take it you are one of those people who protest soldiers funerals becasue you sound pretty unpatriotic to me.

Ok, I am all about signing a petition to get Disney off the air. I don't agree with it so I don't support it. However, I think Hannah Montana would rather sing on stage than work in a blast furnace in a steel mill. theres a difference between wanting to do something and having to work.

Are you saying liberals can't be Christians? Yes, its the liberal christians or perhaps the crazy evangelicals who want to brain wash people, who run those shelters with state funding. It's the conservatives (Reagan) who closed all the mental hospitals, slashed Veterans benefits which created these homeless in the first place.

Free books for people who didn't work for it supported by tax payers money is about as liberal as you get. Yes, libraries are liberal and you will almost never find a book burning conservative librarian. And its the liberals who push for clean air and clean water, its the conservatives who believe that every company should be allowed to do as it pleases as long as it can make a profit and that it is the community's responsibility to not drink polluted water and move everytime a company using PCBs moves in next door.

National Parks,meaning things you can't build a walmart on and something for the community and common man paid for by taxes, is again, about as liberal as you get. I never mentioned Democrat and Republican. I am talking Liberal ideas vs conservative ideas. Today, in 2008, most Liberals are democrats and most Republicans are conservative but it hasn't always been that way.

If social security funds hadn't been used to build stealth bombers and aircraft carriers, Iraq and to pay for the S&L scandal, there wouldn't be a problem with Social Security. The Population has almost doubled since the beginning of the baby boom. If all our jobs hadn't been exported there would be a lot more people still contributing to it now.

YOu can have equal opportunity laws without quotas. They are independent of each other.

You need to check your history books because it was north east liberals who ended segregation. And when Johnson signed civil rights act he knew that all the southern democrats were going to turn into Republicans which is why a Democrat hasn't won texas in 40 years. Again, talking about liberals vs. conservative not Democrat vs. Republican. Lincoln was a Republican and freed the slave, which was a liberal thing to do just as preserving the union.

YOu go ahead and find me more than one amendment which hasn't been repealed that isn't liberal in nature and Ill buy you a new car.

right is right said...

Here's to going green, with clean air, clean water, and being responsible in the new era. Simply click the link to see a thousand words through one picture.

I enjoyed your stipulations and qualifications for tolerance. I didn't know your side had qualifications that disallowed tolerance. I am glad to know now that stipulations can be made. I will therefore take it, by your comments of the importance of equal rights, that I too may now create my own standards for what should be tolerated and what should not.

Your multiple racists, anti-religious, and other derogatory personal comments about others, as well as your imagined me were also enlightening. When you make all of those hate filled, racist, anti-religious, and other derogatory comments, do you do so without the shame you wish of those on the opposing side of the aisle to have, and employ, when they do such things?

Interestingly, all of your comments about me were made without any knowledge whatsoever of my colour, gender, sexual persuasion, or much of anything else for that matter. One wonders how you came to all of these conclusions in order to make your personal attacks filled with hate speech. Might such conclusions without facts or even evidence be called prejudice? I didn’t know such a thing was considered acceptable by liberals; so too, was your repeated casting of stereotypes and labels on so many. I thought such things were considered taboo by your side.

Is the manner in which you addressed my comments the way you want others to act? Can such methods filled with venom, hate, racists ideologies, and anti-religious fervor make the world a better place? Having different opinions on whether it is a good idea to be paid for a holiday and take the day off to boot is one thing, but mr. Toad, you went so much further than having a different opinion. My heart pities you with all your anger and rage. This I say in earnest and without mockery. MLK had the right idea, fight through love not hate. God bless you mr. Toad.

Toad734 said...

First off, a few paper cups and papers on the ground in a confined area has nothing to do with clean water, air or global warming. You must have found me on Mikes America because only someone disconnected with reality would try to use that to slam the "nongreen" Obama supporters.

This all coming from someone who started out calling me crazy.

So what did I say that was racist?

If you happen to be a black, muslim, lesbian, my apologies. Its been my experience, that, even though many Muslims are conservative, they don't embrace American conservatism. And yes, it is almost impossible for a black lesbian to be conservative. So my guess is you are a white protestant, whose great grandparents may or may not have owned slaves.

Firebird said...


Jack Blair said...

All the amendments are technically "Liberal," as we are a Constitutional Republic/Liberal Democracy.

I don't understand why you think the 2nd Amendment came from "conservatives," but others, like the 1st Amendment came from "liberals."

The same men drafted these amendments. The 2nd Amendment is just as "liberal" as the 1st. Remember, "liberalism" indicates freedom form coercive government power.

The 18th Amendment, incidentally, was not some puritanical throwback project. It was actually part of a larger "progressive" effort to improve society. Women were on the forefront of that cause, and that was understandable because women tended to bear the brunt of the problems that alcoholism created (men abandoned families, drank away paychecks, etc).

Prohibition also gave women political and activism experience which they would put to great use in the next big cause, suffrage.

Learn the history, please.

Toad734 said...

Wow, so let me get this straight, you think that telling people they can't buy alcohol ISN'T coercive government power over individual rights since there was someone who might benefit from alcohol becoming illegal??? And that it is liberal??And if that is so, why are the only dry counties left in the country now in the Bible belt and NOT in feminist enclaves like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and NYC??

So then I guess it isn't coercive government intervention to allow women and children to now tell men they can't have guns that results in the breakdown and death of families and family members?? You can't be on both sides of this one...As I am not either; I didn't say the 2nd amendment CAME from conservative thinking, I am saying that all the freedoms given at the time, the only one the conservatives of this era would have championed at the time would have been the one to have guns. Do you think the religious zealots in the Bush administration actually championed things like free speech, due process, freedom of religion (for non-Christians), press? No, they were for phony, fabricated press stories and reporters, indefinite detainment without charges, warrantless wire tapping, etc.Shit that would make Thomas Jefferson turn over in his grave. But, they did let the assault rifle ban expire...And now, with the drug war in Mexico and all these mass shootings in the US, we can see where that"liberal thinking" has gotten us.

It is clearly you who does not know your history.