Saturday, August 25, 2012

Want to Blame Obama for the Economy?

Ok, let's do that:

A. On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 13157, up 49% from 8776 at the end of 08 and up 23% from 2001 when Bush took office

B. Housing start permits were at 549,000 in December of 08, in July they were at 812,000, a 47% INCREASE and rising!

C. Since the first Obama budget went into effect, the national debt has increased 32%, under Bush it increased 110%, under Reagan, 180%. If people like Romney paid what I pay in taxes, this wouldn't be such a problem.

D. In June, corporate profits hit an all time high but THEY were paying less in wages...Wages are not controlled by Obama.

E. At the same point in the Bush Presidency, private sector job growth was DOWN 1.7%, under Obama it is UP 4% from Feb 2010.

F. At the same point in their Presidency, public sector job growth increased 3.7% but under Obama it had DECREASED 2.7%! Obama's job growth has come from the private sector, Bush's job growth came from the public sector. I mean, someone had to listen to your phone calls without a warrant.

G. The Obama economy has seen 29 straight months of of job growth with over 4 million jobs added in that time frame.

H. Home Prices have risen for 5 straight months!

The Republicans have one number, unemployment, that's it. And if all these Republican Governors weren't busy firing teachers, cops, social workers, firemen and other state workers (AKA union thugs), that number would be much lower. If Obama had the same amount of public job growth, the unemployment numbers would be well under 8%. It's your side who hates the teachers and state and local government workers so you are getting what you asked for. You can't blame those jobs on Obama.



Numbers don't lie, Republicans do!

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