Friday, November 05, 2010

Typical Republican Lies and the Morons Who Will Pull Anything Out of Their Ass and The Morons Who Believe Them


Fairly typical. What isn't typical is that for once, people are standing up to them and exposing the lies of the right. The problem is that there are far too many people in this country who no longer get their news from the news, they get it from political opinion shows of uneducated morons who don't know anything, don't have reporters who work for them but merely sit at a mic or in front of a camera and just make up whatever comes out of their ass.


dmarks said...

Your link was dead. Speaking of lies, have you retracted your claims of a Clinton surplus, after I found the month by month numbers to show it never existed?

You lied to us and claimed there was a surplus.

And did you look into Bill Maher's claims about handicapped children?

You lied to use and claimed he never said this.

Toad734 said...

English!! Do you speak it? I have no idea what you are talking about. The video works perfectly well and no, I don't know Bill Mahers stance on handicap children...Not that I am interested in it or anything as it isn't relative to what I am talking about.

So you still say that Clinton didn't generate a budget surplus?? But I suppose Bush did...In your world..

dmarks said...

In the real world, Clinton ran constant budget deficits for a total of $1.6 trillion in new cumulated debt.

"But I suppose Bush did?" Where did you get that idea? I have stated several times that Bush was worse on this.

And Obama is worse yet.

CHECK THE FACTS! It's all on Obama's own budget web site.

"So you still say that Clinton didn't generate a budget surplus??"

Of course. Or is Obama lying?

dmarks said...

Also, in an earlier conversation, I pointed out what Maher had said. Without thinking, you quickly claimed Maher never said it. You didn't do any research at all. Typical.

Your "I don't know Bill Mahers stance on handicap children." is in direct contradiction to what you said earlier. Which time were you lying?

Toad734 said...

What did Maher say? I don't even know what planet you are on.

dmarks said...

In a previous post, I left a comment about a statement Bill Maher made.

You said he never made the statement. Either you were lying, or you were commenting without thinking. I think it's more a case of the latter.

BB-Idaho said...

Perhaps I'm wrong, maybe naive: was guilty of watching 'lamestream media' tonight. CBS reporter talking to Marine
vets, paraplegics back from
Afghan combat. Accidently
switched to FoxNews, where they are still harping on how critically important it is that the top 1% of
wealthy folk keep their
tax cut. What the is the
fricken problem with us
that some 'fair and balanced' network finds
sympathy with the uber-rich when most Americans
are the ones that sacrifice? Worse, why do
we watch that sort of perverse drivel?

Toad734 said...


Well it is entertaining. I used to only watch CNN and then only Faux when I needed material for this blog...Typically I would only have to watch it for a few minutes before I had plenty of material to refute, debunk or pet into perspective...Then I discovered MSNBC....That's all they do is debunk what is said on Faux...It's amazing, I should have been watching them the entire time. I think 90% of Olmermann and Maddow is dedicated to debunking what is said on Faux and or pointing out the hypocrisy of the Republicans on Faux saying one thing and doing the other or at least doing the things they once condemned...Like boning dudes in airport bathrooms for instance.

After watching these two I find how shockingly centrist CNN really is. It's like CNN is afraid to call the guy who thinks Obama was born in Kenya a moron...MSNBC has no such problems. I understand that journalists are supposed to remain neutral but when you have a guy telling you the grass is pink, at some point you have the right to just call him an idiot.

CNN should change its slogan to Fair and Balanced...Faux should just change their slogan to "What we wish the world was like".