Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We all know that some of the same Republicans who were bashing Clinton for his BJ were currently cheating on their wives (Gingrich, Delay), and the ones who were against Gays were typically gay so needless to say, they are typically hypocrites but this is rich:

Freshman GOPer: Hey, Where's My Health Care?


dmarks said...

Actually, Clinton was not bashed for his BJ. He was bashed for sexually harassing an employee and then committing the crime of perjury related to this. He admitted it in the end.

But I suppose harassment and crimes are OK with you.

BB-Idaho said...

Dr. Harris is an anesthesiologist. Perhaps he was sniffing nitrous?

Toad734 said...

Who did he sexually harass?

If blowjobs in your world = sexual harassment then yes, I love sexual harassment.

dmarks said...

Were you even alive then? Clinton sexually harassed Paula Jones. The blowjob was not sexual harassment. But his lying under oath about evidence relevant to the case was perjury.

Sure Clinton was bashed for having sex with another employee in the Oval Office (a clear violation of ethics standards which Clinton himself agreed to and signed), but no-where was he charged for this, or impeached, or anything.

By the way, you keep insisting that there was a Clinton budget surplus, when the facts shown none. The actual figures I usually rely on involve the variations in the national debt (always increasing).

This link proves what I was saying, and that you have has no idea what you is talking about:

"So each year's deficit is added to the existing debt. When revenue exceeds spending,
it's called a surplus, which subtracts from the debt."

And the debt always increased under Clinton.... reflecting constant deficits. If there was a Clinton surplus, the debt would have gone down.

Toad734 said...

Oh like Bush lying about WMDs. I see. And Paula Jones said he harassed her just like Anita Hill said Thomas harassed her.

Again, learn the difference between debt and deficit and then we can (in theory) have an intelligent conversation. Clinton erased the budget deficit and created a surplus and the debt also decreased under Clinton and exploded under Bush.
No President can erase the debt if we borrow our own money with interest to print our own money. Stop lying about Clintons budget surplus...Even the retarded people on the right know this is true.

dmarks said...

"Oh like Bush lying about WMDs."

He didn't. I checked the articles on Snopes that detailed that many were found. Clinton admitted the Jones harassment when he settled out of court.

"Again, learn the difference between debt and deficit"

I did. The debt is the accumulation of deficit. Do you deny this???

"Clinton erased the budget deficit"

He didn't. He left his final year in office having increased it then, too.

"and the debt also decreased under Clinton"

The debt increased by $1.6 trillion under Clinton.

I defy you to come up with one source to back up your claim that the debt went down. Just one.

"Stop lying about Clintons budget surplus.."

It's as real as, say, God is to you. I would only be lying if I said there was one.

"Even the retarded people on the right know this is true."

Way to go, bigot. Bashing the mentally disabled. Close to, even if not as bad, as the N-word. But that is acceptible speech for the Left: Obama makes jokes bashing special olympic athletes, and his Chief of Staff calls them "f***ing retards". And Bill Maher says they aren't even human beings. Great examples of how the Left preys on the weak and powerless.

Please, educate yourself.