Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Republican Stormtrooper Thug Squads at it Again

This just only a few feet from Ru Paul himself and only a couple weeks after a reporter in Alaska was handcuffed and illegally detained for asking another Teabagger, Joe Wilson a question. Isn't that what they do in Iran? With the assault rifles and everything else this is starting to make the Bush years and his war of terror look like Disney Land. And these are the guys worried about the powers of a big government?? Imagine how they will operate when they are the government!!


dmarks said...

Actually, most of the time the thugs are on the left. During the time of the big tea partier and healthcare protests, union thugs (on the left) assaulted people, and one pro-Obamacare protester even murdered someone who was opposed.

Union goons are shock troopers of the Left, but they typically victimize working people.

Toad734 said...


Links are needed that aren't from Faux News.

dmarks said...

It's rather common for union thugs to beat up working people. But you probably did not know that. And I've never heard of this news organization you mention.

Toad734 said...

Really, when was the last time that happened?? Wait, we still have unions in the US??

Oh right, those thuggish elementary school teachers...

dmarks said...

Yes, and unions are way too powerful now. From 30 to 50% are in against their will. For that matter, few union members were ever involved in any vote over union status.

"Oh right, those thuggish elementary school teachers..."

The union ones are. The ones that try to do the worst work possible while being paid the most for it.

Is there any wonder public educations suffers.

Toad734 said...

The Unions are a shell of what they used to be before Reagan...They have lost most of their power in fact.

50% are forced to join??? IS that a joke?? WHere do you get those numbers?? I mean, I do recall the local union coming by house to house with guns and forcing families to join unions but otherwise I think people are free to take a job at a unionized shop or not... Where do you get this shit?? Seriously!

dmarks said...

Unions still have too much power. Once we have a reform so only workers who WANT to be in them pay dues, then will I say the power is proper.

No, people are not free to take a job at a unionized shop. Except in pro-worker right to work states. Elsewhere, workers WILL get fired for failing to turn over dues to an organization that has nothing to do with the job.

America works best when it says "union, hell no". 95% of American workers can't be wrong. I side with them.

Toad734 said...

Unions are too powerful?? The rich people who are pulling the strings are the ones who are too powerful.

And I think you mean"Right to work for less" states.

Most workers aren't unionized because most jobs come from small businesses which don't need unions.