Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just In Case You Thought This Had Something to Do With Obama

How ironic, with all the shit Bush did in his Constitution shredding days, the title of this is "Impeach Obama Now", as if he has anything to do with it and if he did, I am sure some slut on Faux News or the idiot who posted this knows more about the law than someone with a JD from Harvard Law and who taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago.

A. This has nothing to do with Obama

B. Faux News blames the weather on Obama. Faux News isn’t real news; just because some blonde bimbo (plagiarist, radio talk show host who by the way was an assistant to the crook, Richard Nixon) who doesn’t know anything says Obama is “waging war” against a state, doesn’t make it so.

C. I like how they have a problem with the violation of “American sovereignty” but have no problem with the violation of American’s or anyone else’s civil rights.

D. No, this has nothing to do with legal vs. Illegal, it has everything to do with giving more power to the government and law enforcement to pull over anyone they want, without probable cause. I thought these idiots were supposed to be anti-government??

E. No one is at war with anyone, besides Arizona being at war against Mexicans and brown people like they always have.

F. Ironically, the Chief Judge of the 9th circuit court of appeals is Alex Kozinski, appointed by Mr. Amnesty himself, Ronald Reagan…Again, nothing to do with Obama.

Spare me the phony outrage.



dmarks said...

It's just tit-for-tat, after the bogus calls for Bush's impeachment.
It doesn't excuse the GOP for making bogus calls also. It needs to stop.

(fyi: I might even be to the "left" of you on the immigration issue).

Toad734 said...

Well, I would think a lot of Libertarian types might be because undocumented migrant workers allow rich people to hire people for less and help keep the rich rich without having to really spend or share any of their wealth with anyone else. But I think that's the only reason anyone on the right would be pro-illegal immigration...Just cheap labor.

dmarks said...

Undocumented migrant workers allow ANYONE to hire the best worker for the job. And pay the real value of the wage, which is low for some jobs and high for others.

I am for fair value labor. If someone does the same job better, why stop them from competing for it?

I think, if they are coming here to work, let them. Screen out the criminals, of course.

Jake said...

I'm pro-LEGAL immigration. I think they should go through the legal process like everyone else. Dmarks, I simply don't understand why you want illegal immigrants to come in. Not that I have anything against immigrants, but they should only come in legally.

Toad734 said...


Ah, you have found one of those areas where Republicans do a complete 180 and go so far right that they come around to siding with the left.

So Republicans are actually for illegal immigration because they are pro-free market economy and like exploiting 14 year olds and forcing them to work for 15 hours per day for $1 per hour...It's pro business and allows rich people to get richer while snuffing out the middle class and avoiding unions who want a fair pay for a fair days work.

Israel is one of those issues too where the traditional conservative stance was that they hated Jews and the Jews control the liberal media, yada yada but since Jesus was a Jew, they go full circle and go out of their way to support Israel and everything Israel does and think Israel should take over the entire middle east because of Jesus or something...Even when Israel is already the biggest power in the region and the largest recipient of US aid...And they are a rich country!! They don't support aid for stuff like AIDS, only when its guns and bombs to kill muslims and is given to Jesus' people, the Jews.

Likewise, liberals do a complete 180 in supporting Palestine in that debate, whom a lot of are religious fundamentalists who are against free speech and womens rights and some that are actually in terrorist organizations who would love to kill these said western liberals but still continue to support their cause...It's funny when these rolls are reversed.

Jake said...

I personally think it's good Israel is our ally. Don't know where you got the Jews controlling the media thing, I've only heard that from the show South Park. But regardless, I think it's good that we're supporting Israel, seeing that the Jews have only been pushed around for a couple of thousand years(about) and I've been hearing about Christians and Jews being murdered over there because of their intolerance and hatred.

Toad734 said...

Oh but the Armenians and Kurds and a slew of millions of other people haven't been?? When was the last time you saw 2 Indians?

Why is it good that Israel is our ally? It's one of the main reasons Islamic extremists hate us...If not for our lopsided economic and military support of Israel, 9/11 would have probably never happened.

Do you realize that Israel, a rich country, is the largest recipient of US foreign aid? More than Palestine, Jordan and Egypt combined! More than Afghanistan, more than Iraq, more than any impoverished, AIDS stricken country in Africa.

Why is that? Why does a rich country need our money? So they can bulldoze more Palestinian houses and build more settlements in Palestinian territory?? Which only makes things worse?? They have proven over and over again that they can take care of themselves without our help. And just because they have been pushed around for a couple thousand years, does not give them the right to now push other people around and take their land.

I can guarantee you that more Palestinians die over there than Christians or Jews. It's just that no one cares and it only gets reported in the Arab media. And when you take someones land...You kind of have to expect them to fight back, no??