Friday, August 06, 2010

Shut Up and Do Your Job...Coward!

From CNN:

Hearing set for soldier in Obama birth certificate case

These morons again??

So a cowardly, tea bagging/birther army officer is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because he doesn't think Obama was born in the United States. I doubt he ever asked to see Bush's birth certificate but Bush wasn't black so there is that.

How stupid does someone have to be?? There is NO evidence to suggest Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii. Now, if McCain had been elected, sure there could be some legitimacy to a claim like this since he was in fact born in Panama.

How many times does one need to see a birth certificate and a birth announcement before you just have to smack them in the head with a 2x4???

Anyway, I'll show you Obama's birth certificate and proof of birth but now you have to show me Sarah Palin's High School diploma!

This by the way is front page news on CNN!!! This shouldn't even make the front page of a roll of toilet paper and this guy should be in a padded cell.

To see Obama's birth certificate, which by the way looks exactly like everyone elses birth certificate, and proof of birth, click here:

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dmarks said...

He should be treated as the worst sort of deserter. I am probably 100% with you on this.

He's as bad as those Iraq War deserters under Bush.