Thursday, January 14, 2010

Game Change

Some very good insights into the real Sarah Palin and how she really doesn't know anything. Not only is she not qualified to be a commentator on Faux News, well, ok, maybe Faux News but certainly no real news network but the McCain camp found out she wasn't qualified to be Vice President which most certainly would make her unqualified to be President. Of course, if you watch these guys being interviewed by Sean Hannity on Faux, he never asks about this part of their book. No coincidence there.

And note that no other figure in the book "Game Change", is claiming that any of their accounts were false; only Sarah Palin, but reluctantly. When Bill O'Reilly asked if these guys were lying, she changed the subject before finally, reluctantly saying they were lying for the most part. And then after discussing the stories about Palin in the book, O'Reilly blows the story off by saying one of the authors was a liberal who worked for NY Magazine thus "proving" the story must be a lie because only liberals would lie. He also fails to mention that the other author of the book, Mark Halperin is a political analyst for Time Magazine and when appearing on Hugh Hewitt's conservative Christian radio talk show, Halperin claimed he agreed with everything Hugh was saying and on his blog constantly references Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Matt Drudge far more than he makes references to their liberal counterparts. In other words, there is no reason to assume that anything in this book is false.


Mike's America said...

I would have thought that the real "game change" which happened in Massachusetts Tuesday might have taught you something.

But if you are going to keep on with hating Palin instead of getting a clue then you are beyond hope!

Toad734 said...

Umm, one election where the very moderate and liberal Republican on with 51% of the vote??? No, didn't 2006 and 2008 teach you anything??

I agree that the republicans did a nice job of lying to people and convincing them that the SS is going to come and kill their grandparents and make them buy all black children Mercedes by raising the taxes on middle class white people but the truth is, that isn't reality and now we have a couple of years to disprove those lies...No worries here; who do the Republicans got??? Sarah Palin?? Please, I hope they run her in 2012...Of course, maybe the Mayan prophecy is true???

dmarks said...

Palin's not qualified NOW to be President, because she's a quitter.

But back in the fall of 2008, her thin resume still made her as qualified to be President as the top man on the Democratic ticket was.

And thanks, Toad, for your "I agree that the republicans did a nice job...." statement, which only showed your racism. You sure played the race card a lot there.

dmarks said...

The "moderate or liberal Republican" opposes the Dems hard-left healthcare plan, and his views on abortion were such that the abortion industry lobby (NARAL) was against him.

Toad734 said...

Are you just leaving pre-written comments on random blogs you haven't read or something?

You are making absolutely no sense.

Mike V. said...

I'm still having a hard time understanding how "conservatives" thought that dimwit was even remotely qualified to be the president. You can say that you'd rather have her than a "liberal" Obama (right) but to prop that broad up as anything other than a cunning, pretty face.. Pathetic.