Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Enough With the "If You Are Armed No One Will Attack You" Bullshit From the NRA Part Deux

From CNN:

Courthouse gunman lost Social Security case, official says

Yet again, a gunmen attacks a place that he knows for sure he will encounter armed security and it does not deter him. Yet again this shows that by arming yourself it doesn't mean that no one will attack you.

Funny that no one has called this one an act of terrorism based solely on the suspect's last name. If his name had been Emir, this would have gotten much more press and people would be talking about how Obama is weak and terrorism or how evil Muslims are or something like that. But when it's a good old fashioned American name it's just some crazy guy out for revenge as if Muslims aren't capable of the same type of actions.

Really, the whole Muslim thing isn't the point of this post and if these incidents of people shooting up military bases and courthouses where they know they will encounter armed resistance wouldn't keep happening, I wouldn't keep posting about it, but it does keep happening.

I am not here to talk about gun control nor am I here to talk about the 2nd Amendment; I personally own a gun. Why I keep bringing this up (aside from the fact that it keeps happening) is that I want to dispel the myth that more guns make us safer or that if you have a gun you are less likely to be killed by a gun (which is also a myth because you are more likely to be killed with a gun if you own one than someone who doesn't) and that almost 100% of the time when you see a place with more guns, you get more gun deaths (Perhaps only Switzerland is the anomaly yet they have some of the strictest gun control measures in the world and everyone who owns a gun is trained how to use it). I also want to point out that gun nuts and the NRA all said the school and college shootings happened and those places were specifically targeted because they are gun free zones. My contention is that these were merely places these people knew well, spent most of their time and experienced most of their pain so it was only natural for them to take out their frustrations on the people and places they thought brought them this pain. This shooting in Vegas, the one in Seattle where armed cops were targeted and the one at Ft. Hood were no different. Look at the green zone in Iraq, it's the most heavily armed area in Iraq yet it still gets attacked. Some people, especially crazy, mentally unstable people who have a suicide wish anyway, don't care if a place is armed or it isn't.

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