Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Good Rant On Healthcare


Patrick M said...

Good rant? Are you shitting me? It's a rant about evil corporations trying to destroy people. Oh, and an example of someone who has no clue about the issue itself.

If the only debate is between big EEVIL corporations and government, then it's not a discussion about fixing health care, it's simply trading a master of money for a master of power.

The answer is that NEITHER wins this battle.

Toad734 said...

But isn't someone who collects thousads and thousands of dollars from you for your entire life with the pretense that if you get sick, they will pay for it and then when you do get sick, they don't pay for it and drop you leaving you with no coverage and you die, a pretty good description of evil?

They are evil if they do that. They are evil for denying care and denying claims.

If the government does it they have no incentive to screw you. You may get screwed but not intentionally.

The insurance companies are what's wrong with our health care system plain and simple. Even starting with what you said "When we stopped paying for our medical care that's when it became expensive", yes and then when it became profitable to collect premiums but not pay out like you are contractually obligated to do. That and not allowing for necessary testing and preventative medicine, "experimental procedures" etc.

With our system we have the costliest systems in the western world along with the highest infant mortality rate and lowest life expectancy. And this is all because of profit driven corporations and their influence on our politicians.