Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Real John McCain

-John McCain was born in Panama in 1936. He is 71 Years old

-If elected, he will the oldest president ever inaugurated to the white house

-His net worth is nearly 40 million dollars making him one of the richest in the Senate

-He is a member of the Alfalfa Club, an exclusive D.C. group which only exists to hold a banguet each year honoring the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee

-His father and grandfather were both Navy Admirals who attended the Naval Academy

-He graduated from a private Episcopalian High School

-Being a legacy, he graduated 894th out of 899 at the Naval Academy

-Earned over 100 demerits per year while at the Naval Academy

-In 1965, he married a model named Carol Shepp one year after she filed for divorce from her first husband

-He crashed two planes before being shot down during a mission over Vietnam in 1968

-Captured, imprisoned and supposedly tortured by the Vietnamese and held until 1973

-In 1969, his wife Carol was severely injured, deformed and crippled in a car accident and thus gained weight during her rehabilitation and her inability to exercise

-In 1976, while stationed in Florida, John McCain had several extra marital affairs.

-In 1979, he met Cindy Lou Hensley, an ex cheerleader and rich beer distribution heiress, 17 years his junior and 16 years younger than his wife

-A month after his divorce from Carol, John McCain married Cindy in April of 1980, McCain’s children refused to attend the wedding

-Retired from the Navy in 1981 to work for Cindy’s father and run for Congress

-With his wife’s money and support from Charles Keating JR. and other convicted felons, he ran for Congress in 1982

-In 1982 he opposed the creation of a Martin Luther King Day

-In 1987 he got elected to the senate

-Also during the 80's he became a member of the “Keating 5” during the S&L scandal which cost the American tax payers over $124 billion dollars

-In 1993 and 1994, he voted to confirm Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court yet later said that he would have never picked those people to be on the Supreme Court

-While in the Senate he voted against raising the minimum wage 7 times

-In 2001, he voted against the Bush tax cuts

-In 2005, voted "NO" on a funding bill targeted at reducing unwanted pregnancies which would have also reduced abortions

-He has stated that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned

-In 2007, the Children’s Defense Fund rated him as the worst senator in Congress for children’s affairs

-In March of 2007, while in Iowa, he was “stumped” by the question of whether or not condoms could help stop the spread of AIDS. He basically said it was above his pay grade

-In 2007, Mitt Romney pointed out that McCain was originally against the Bush tax cuts, then for them, originally against Ethanol until he gave a speech in Iowa and then was for it, originally pro Roe vs. Wade and is now against it

-In a 2007 primary appearance in South Carolina, McCain announced that he was now Southern Baptist despite being raised Episcopalian

-In 2008, after himself being tortured while in Vietnam he voted "NO" on H.R. 2082, the Intelligence Authorization Bill which would have held the CIA to the same legal interrogation standards found in the Army Field Manual and later praised Bush for vetoing that bill.

-In a 2008 forum, he said that he would be ok with spending another 100 years in Iraq even though the first 5 years have cost us 573 billion dollars and over 4000 dead soldiers. On a side note, 100 more years at this pace would result in 80,000 American lives and over 11 Trillion dollars

-In 2008 was again stumped by the question of how many homes he owns. The answer is 7, worth approximately 14 million dollars. Now you know why he wants to cut taxes for rich people

-Speaking of rich people, he thinks that only people who earn more than 5 million dollars per year would be considered “rich”.

-In December of 2007 McCain said: “The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should". “I freely admit I am not an economist."

-Pat Buchanan was recently quoted as saying that if elected, “McCain would make Cheney look like Ghandi”

-According to, Over the past couple of years, McCain has Supported the causes,efforts and legislation of the American Association of University Women, National Education Association, National Association for College Admission Counceling, National Association of College Admission Counceling, National Association of Elementary School Principals, 0% of the time or received the grade of F.

-Also according to Votesmart, McCain supported the causes, efforts and legislation of the Gun Owners of America 0% of the time, he reveived an F yet again.

-In 2007 McCain supported the interests of the Alliance for Retired Americans 0% of the time; Obama 100% of the time

-In 2006 the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of American gave John McCain a D for his support of their causes. Obama got a B+

-In 2006 McCain supported the interests of the Disabled American Veterans 20% of the time, Obama supported their causes 80% of the time.

-According to Bush and Carl Rove, he has an illegitimate black child. I can neither confirm nor deny that accusation

-He is a Muslim terrorist who hates America and is hiding Osama Bin Laden in one of his mansions and personally piloted the first plane to hit the World Trade Center...That's why he can't lift his arm above his head.

And you thought you didn't know Barack Obama??




Patrick M said...

Knew most of that. Although I am wondering if the hthing about hiding Bin Laden at his house is entirely true.

One serious point I have to call you on, though:

-Captured, imprisoned and supposedly tortured by the Vietnamese and held until 1973[emphasis added]

Supposedly?!?!? That's low, even by moonbat standards. There is no question, there is no doubt on his imprisonment and torture.

Toad734 said...

Have you met anyone who actually saw him being tortured? All we know is that once they found out that he was an Admirals son, they took him away from the rest of the POWs. Hey, John Kerry never volunteered for the most dangerous job in Vietnam right? So you guys don't like to be swiftboated, is that what I am hearing?

We know McCain sustained injuries from his ejection and his capture but that's all that someone other than McCain has told us.

I mean really, would someone who has been tortured ever against the Intelligence Authorization Bill...unless of course they were pandering to the "kill arabs" crowd.

I am not saying he didn't get tortured, I am just saying that no one other than McCain can verify that and that story goes a long way in making someone, who has political ambitions, a big time story once they returned home.

If you can question Kerry's and Obama's story, I can question McCains.

Patrick M said...

If you can question Kerry's ... story, I can question McCains.

When it comes to military service, I don't.

Erudite Redneck said...

That is a scary picture of McBush!