Friday, August 22, 2008

The New Obama Attack Ad Clarified

I also heard Obama is an alien who has green blood and eats baby brains!

1. Obama was 10 years old and living in Hawaii when the Capital Building was bombed. If Ted Haggard can go from a meth smoking homosexual who hires prostitutes to a Christian family man overnight, can't someone who was involved in a shady organization 35 years ago also change?

2. Obama and Ayers used to both be on the board of a charity which helped poor people. Obama left that charity 6 years ago. So if helping poor people is "left wing" then I guess the Christian Children's Fund is also left wing.

3. Ayers has never been convicted of any bombings, murders or treason.

4. The Weathermen / Weather Underground never killed anyone in any of their bombing campaigns. Unlike Abortion protesters and Blackwater, civilians were never targets and warnings were given before all their bombings.

5. Like most University of Chicago professors, both live in Hyde Park in Chicago along with 30,000 other people who live in that neighborhood. If you check the sex offender’s website in Chicago, I am sure you will find that Obama also lives near rapists and child molesters, just as nearly everyone in the US does. It doesn't make Obama a rapist.

6. Just as many right wing organizations and radicals such as Hagee and Rod Parsley who have supported McCain, Ayers has made a $200 contribution to the Obama campaign. If you look hard enough, I am sure you can find someone who has actually been convicted of a crime that has also given him money as well as you could with any and every politician including McCain and his shady oil lobbyists.

7. The police killing referred to was by two former members on the Weather Underground who killed a guard and cops in a bank robbery, not a terrorist, anti-American plot. These killings took place in 1981 years after the Weathermen were disbanded. And if guilt by association is the law of the land, it must be noted that the brother of one of these murderers was nominated to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals by President H.W. Bush. Are you saying Bush Sr. and Michael Boudin are all American hating terrorists too?

The ad should say "Do you know enough to not be this gullible?" Or perhaps, "Beyond the Houses and the flip flopping on his stance on abortion and his religion, how much do you really know about John McCain"?


Patrick M said...

Ha, ha, ah. Good one.

Wait, you're seriously trying to defend anything involving a terrorist? That's low, even for you.

The fact that Obama kept company for the years he did with that piece of shit, as well as all the other special people in his life (Wright, Pflager, etc.) does rais some questions as to how he thinks. Especially since we have had to learn everything about him over the past year.

At least with McCain, we already know all his dirty laundry.

Toad734 said...

Im not defending a terrorist. I am defending the person who is not a terrorist. This is a good ad for why you shouldn't vote for Ayers as President a bad as to why you shouldn't vote for Obama / Biden. Bush Sr. had an alcoholic son who did coke and got a DWI and he was still fit to be president....apparently, so was his son.

He didn't "keep company" with Ayers, as I mentioned, they knew each other and lived and worked in the same charities and University.

U.S. Common Sense said...

Just for clarification on Point #4 (regarding deaths):

Three members of the Weather Underground died while making bombs designed to be placed at Ft. Dix, and were to be detonated during a dance.

Police sergeant Robert Fogarty died when a WU bomb exploded at a San Francisco police department. Ayers and Dohrn (now his wife) planned and carried out the bombing.

The lack of deaths on the bombing of the Pentagon was by luck. The bathroom and neighboring rooms were damaged. Fortunately, no one was in those spaces at the time.

Toad734 said...

Its amazing how you cite that as fact.

So, exactly who was arrested, tried and convicted for the Police bombing in San Francisco? When did Ayers get convicted of planning this bombing. Names and dates will be suffice.

Toad734 said...

Oh, and by the way, where was Obama when all this was happening?

Patrick M said...

I'll answer the second question you pose, Toad. He was growing up. Then, after he grew up, he started hanging out with Ayers, J Wright, his Marxist professors, and the like. He even launced his state campaign from the Ayers house. It's not a meeting or one association with one scumbag. It's a pattern.

And to clarify, it's not that he believes everything they say by rote. But when you spend years listening to people who do hate America (and they do), it calls your motivation and mode of thought into question.

Toad734 said...

A pattern of people who hate America?? Interesting. You know, the people at the Boston Tea party were labeled as people who hated Britian.

Besides that, you attack a volunteer for Vietnam as someone who hates America? The Republithugs did the same to John Kerry and you believed that one too. There isn't one thin Wright said in any of his speeches that wasn't true. Now, a small town white farm boy may not realize it but it doesn't make it false.

Ayers held an event at his house for Obama, that stuff happens all the time. It doesn't mean they are best friends. And again, if Rush can go from being a drug addict criminal in just a couple of years, to a stand up, law abiding family man, can't Ayers also change? Isn't that Obama's gig? Bringing change? Maybe he has brough change to Ayers. Bottom line is you don't know their relationship.

And the next time you question the patriotism of a vietnam volunteer we are going to have problems.

Patrick M said...

First of all, you seem to want to lump me in with the GOP. Not true. I want you to see if you can find one word I said about Kerry's service. Oh yeah, I wasn't blogging back then. so here: I honor any veteran who served. He may have said some shit when he got back, but I won't question his service.

There isn't one thin Wright said in any of his speeches that wasn't true.

I could hit that one out of the park, but it's 1am.

And again, if Rush can go from being a drug addict criminal in just a couple of years, to a stand up, law abiding family man, can't Ayers also change?

He could. But Ayres hasn't.