Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Terrorists Attacks Would Mean We Are Less Safe

Adviser sorry he said terror attack would help McCain

Ok, so he is sorry that he is an idiot but here's what I don't get: McCain has supported Iraq from day one. Iraq has diverted our military from Afghanistan allowing the most dangerous terrorist leader and organizer of all time to get away. By Bin Laden getting away, this means we are at a greater risk of getting attacked again. By us simply being in Iraq in the first place has been one of the biggest recruitment tools for these terrorist groups and terrorist activity has been at a world wide all time high since Bush has come into office. Bush incites terrorism, he doesn't defeat it.

What I am saying is that if we get hit hard again like we did on 9/11 under Republican protection yet again, doesn't that mean they are doing it wrong? Doesn't that mean they ignored too many security briefings titled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US"? Wouldn't a new attack mean we are less safe with the Bush / McCain policies? I mean sure, they will somehow blame this new attack on Bill Clinton or tell us we didn't fork over enough of our civil liberties and that is why it happened but we know that's about as much bullshit as the price of gas being high only because we aren't drilling in ANWR, not because we elected an ex oil man from Texas with ties to the Saudi Royal Family as President.

A vote for McCain is a vote for 100 more years in Iraq and taking our eye off the Bin Laden ball and doing things which inspire people to join the side of the terrorists.

I also fail to see how a guy who lived in Indonesia, whose father was Kenyan and was on US Senate Foreign Relations Committee with Richard Lugar, has less foreign relations experience than what a governor of Texas would have? I guess he isn't running against Bush and is actually running against a guy who was born in Panama so maybe Obama doesn't have the edge there. But wait, isn't it a law that Presidents have been born in the United States?


Patrick M said...

It's a perceptual issue, not necessarily how you see it or I see it.

Make all the arguments you want, the instinctive, visceral reaction if we were attacked just before the election would be to run to McCain. You'll see the commercials that will come from the McCain camp. There will be a lot of flag waving and speaking of defeating enemies. And the perception of the average voter (voters without brains) will be to rally behind the war hero.

There are many issues Obama can fight McCain on. This is the one he really can't.

Toad734 said...

Why that perception? Was McCain ever a general? Was he ever an ambassador steeped in foreign relations has he ever even led troops into battle, does he have experience planning and executing wars??

No he got shot down and sat in a prison. A. that doesn't make him a hero. Ill agree it gives him character but so does turning down high profile, high paying NYC law firms to go back to your roots and help your old neighborhood.

B. McCain has defeated no enemies. He didn't win in Vietnam and his judgement to go into Iraq was flawed. If he was such a strong military leader and so versed in international relations, strategy and history, he would have voted against the war and been on stage with Obama leading an anti war rally the day congress authorized the use of force instead of parading around Baghdad with a full batallion surrounding him dressed to his neck in body armor saying Iraq was fine.

So you think McCain, instead of inspiring new terrorists and urging other rogue nations to develop nuclear weapons will quell this activity by following Bush's lead?? What color is the sky on the world where you live?

I'm not saying Obama is a military genius or that McCain doesn't know more about war and fighting in a battle but unfortunately Presidents don't fight our wars. I think Obama's view on how to approach this world is decades ahead of BUsh and years ahead of McCain.

Toad734 said...

I take that last part back. I don't think McCain really agrees with Bush but the mouth breathers who vote Republican do and McCain has to say that shit to get them to show up to vote.

Patrick M said...

I can't necessarily answer why McCain is perceived as tougher on terrorists. Part of it, of course, comes from statements by both candidates. But the other part is simply perception of how modern Democrats and Republicans handle war. And I'm speaking about the undecided voter, the kind who get their political news from local newspapers and emails from the one weirdo in their family that thinks about politics. I'm not talking about the engaged or blindly loyal, which includes us.