Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Solution to Hanging Chads and Electronic Voting Machines

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Ya, how hard is this? With nit-wit Secretary of States who won't count votes for Democrats in black precincts and ES&S and Diebold voting machine manufacturers being run by Republicans and donating money to Republican candidates and voting machines not including Democratic candidates full names, why is it so hard to figure out a sure fire way to vote? If punch cards don't work and voting machines can be hacked or programmed to accept or not accept certain votes, what’s wrong with providing a list of candidates in the voting booths and providing voters with a piece of paper to simply print their choices? I guess it could become a problem if the Democratic nominee for President was named McKain and the Republican candidate was named McCain but other than that, why would this be so hard? Hell, you don't even have to write the name in, you could have the option of just writing Republican or Democrat if you didn't know the candidates by name.

Why spend the money on these voting machines when you could simply supply voters with a single sheet of official paper with a blank space after each political office in contention? You could keep a record of how many voters entered the polling site and compare that to the amount of ballots cast to make sure no one voted twice. Could someone point out how this would be less reliable than the options currently on the table?


Neemund said...

I agree 100%, though the ACLU would probably sue on the basis that it discriminates against the illiterate and the illegal immigrants who may not be fluent in writing standard Roman characters.

Toad734 said...

Well, Illegal immigrants cant vote anyway so no worries there. So how would someone illiterate have read the previous ballot cards?? Were still no worse off than we were. Plus, lets be honest, how many illiterate people actually vote? It would be like having a handicap ramp to get on to the football field.