Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Pitbull Post

After reading a recent article where the author talks about how evil and blood thirsty pitbulls are and how they needed to be banned because they killed a whole 4 people this year, I decided to email her this letter:

42,000 people per year are killed by cars; they are dangerous let’s ban them!

Over 30,000 people in this country are killed by guns every year. Guns are dangerous. Let’s ban them!

9% of the worlds population will die due to tobacco related diseases. That is over 5 million people. Tobacco is dangerous; let’s ban it.

In the US, over 300,000 deaths can be attributed to obesity every year. Food is dangerous; lets ban it!

Every year over 100 people choke to death on ball point pens. Why would we ban a dog that kills 4 people per year and not ban ball point pens that choke and kill 100 people per year?

I must also mention that horses account for over 200 human fatalities per year yet very few people actually own a horse compared to the number who own dogs.

Do bans work?:

Almost 17,000 people per year are killed in alcohol related car crashes. If drunk driving is banned and illegal, why are there still all these deaths?

In Chicago, hand guns are banned yet 79% of all murders are from fire arms.

There are over 20,000 drug overdose deaths every year in our country where drugs are illegal and banned.

I think there are more pressing issues we need to worry about that the 12 deaths per year from dog bites, half of which are actually from rottweilers.

In Chicago, there are roughly 60,000 pitbulls yet how many people die from pitbulls in Chicago every year? Maybe one? Yet in 2003, 599 people were murdered in this city and how many more died due to drug and alcohol? Yet, pitbulls are what people consider dangerous.

Most of those 60,000 pitbulls are bred by gang bangers involved in dog fighting, drug trafficking and murder. Those dogs get tortured and abused and are made to be aggressive by these irresponsible owners. The only other breed that rivals pitbulls in sheer numbers would be Labs, yet Labs are owned by responsible yuppies that care for their dogs and don't purposely starve and beat them to turn them violent. Currently pitbulls just happen to be the dogs these people choose and therefore it's the pitbulls who are turned into violent, vicious, starved monsters. If you ban pitbulls the dog fighters will just choose another breed which will probably end up being bigger, more territorial and less people friendly. If you treat a Golden Retriever in the same manner these pitbulls are treated it will become vicious and start attacking people as well. In fact, the American Temperament Society tests show that a pitbull has the exact same temperament of a Golden Retriever. In another study of dog bites Pitbulls rank 4th from the bottom of all breeds who are likely to bite a person; Cocker spaniels, Akitas, Chows, Pomeranians, Weimaraners, Poodles, German Sheppard’s, Collies and Schnauzers are all more likely to bite someone than a pitbull. Since 1975, over 30 different breeds have been responsible for human fatalities.

Pitbulls were originally bred to be obedient and docile towards humans. Abused, abandoned, starved, wild and pack dogs are the faults of people for treating dogs this way. Any pack animal will be more protective of its territory if it is in an actual pack. Any animal that has been abused and forced to fight by humans all its life will be more violent towards humans; it’s not the dogs fault, it's only natural. It should also be noted that 61% of all dog attacks happen within a home so think twice about beating and abusing your dog; especially if you have children.

Dog fighting is the real crime; dog fighting is the cause of this problem. Until cities can make stricter dog fighting laws with appropriate enforcement and punishment this will continue to happen. Of all the dog fighting and the 60,000 pitbulls in Chicago there are 2 officers (as far as I know) assigned to these cases. Dog fighters are typically gang bangers and drug dealers but in most cities evidence of dog fighting is not enough for a conviction; they must physically be caught in the act; this needs to change.

Kids, as with guns, need to be taught what to do and how to act when they encounter a stray dog. Most people don't know what to do in an encounter with a wild or vicious dog, nor do their children. Most people don't realize that just chaining a dog up in your back yard creates an aggressive, territorial, unsocialized dog. A chained dog is almost 3 times more likely to bite than an unchained dog. Unneutered male dogs are responsible for 70% of all biting incidents. If you want to avoid your dog being involved in an attack don't beat it, fight it or train it to be aggressive, get it spayed or neutered and don't leave it chained up in the back yard. Dogs, especially pitbulls, are social animals that have been living with humans for thousands of years. If you can't take a dog in as a member of your family and treat it as such then don't get a dog.

For every story you can find about a "pitbull" killing a person I can find 10 stories where pitbulls were killed by humans. Humans are dangerous; they should be banned.

Why would you want to ban dogs who do this:

I told you pomeranians were vicious, lets ban them too:

Rottwielers, lets ban 'em!

Ferrets are dangerous lets ban them:

Husky mixes are vicious lets ban them:

Gotta ban Dobermans too:

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Breed Specific Legislation blows!


Grant said...

I never realized Pit Bulls were such wusses. I say they should be banned for that. I think rhinocerous fights would be so much more interesting, especially when they break loose and rampage on the audience.

Toad734 said...

That would rule!

Rabenstrange said...

Wow, for once I agree with you! Bans are generally ineffective.

Instead of banning the dogs they need to crack down on the losers who let their dogs maul people.

Toad734 said...

My point exactly

slayne said...

Correction: most of the 60,000 pit bulls are not owned by gang bangers or drug dealers. They are often bred by these people and then abandoned or let loose when they refuse to show the aggression these people desire.

Go to any dog rescue in the country and you will see pit bulls that are sweet and trusting, in need of homes. You will also see the torture that some of them have left behind--missing eyes, scarred faces, bald patches, torn up ears.

Boiled Owl said...

Dogs are mainly nice. Like humans, you have to train them or abuse them in order make them into assholes.

Boiled Owl said...

Mosquitoes, on the other hand, are assholes from birth.
As are most bankers and energy company executives.

Toad734 said...

Although I would like to pretend that everything is born innocent and has the chance to be good I think I may have to agree with you owl. Some things are just genetic.

indygirl said...

Can we still ban people?

NewsBlog 5000 said...

I'm convinced; we should ban dogs from drunk driving.

My neighbors have rottweilers. They used to think it was fun to bark at me. Every time they did it, I would laugh at them. A couple of times they ran up to the fence and started barking while I was mowing the lawn with headphones on, and it took me a minute to notice. They got confused and quit. We keep to our respective sides of the fence and get along fine.

The DogGrrrrl said...

Women die in childbirth. Ban the babies!

I had 2 pits. They were 2 of the sweetest beasts I ever had.

Neemund said...

I personally prefer larger breeds of dogs for pets but pitbulls aren't too bad. The only ones I know are high strung but I'd never consider any of them to be dangerous.

Toad734 said...

They are balls of energy and although they are small they still act and seem like big dogs.

Two Minutes J said...

Although this may seem dog-racist, I think Poodles need to be banned. Not just because of who and what they are. But because of their retarded fucking owners dressing them up and giving them haircuts like they're royalty. I mean really, they just look fucking ridiculous. I know they are the smartest dog out there, but still. Give me a Basset Hound or a Pit Bull over that any day.

Toad734 said...

If they are so smart shouldn't they be able to get those stupid clothes off? I can guarantee my pitbulls would find a way.

Karenpuppy said...

My chain-smoking, drunk driving doberman is pointing a gun at me right now!

erinberry said...

My brother's girlfriend's dog is a pit bull named Murdock, and he is the nicest dog - so loveable!

Justin said...

I haven't been coming here long.. but ya know, Toad... I'm in 100% agreement with you here.

Mike said...

Those damn Jew Dogs Must Go!!!!!!

Chicka said...
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Chicka said...

Well, Toady - prohibition worked, didn't it? :snark:

Toad734 said...

Interesting "pitbull attacks" misreported by the media:

Killer Pit Bulls Rip Granny to Shreds New York Post ( Dec. 11, 2002
Pet Pit Bulls Kill Woman, 80, in Her Home The New York Times ( Dec. 11, 2002

The victim's daughter and granddaughter (owner of the dogs) could not believe the dogs, a female Pit Bull and a male Lab/Pit mix attacked and killed the elderly woman. The family hired a forensic pathologist to review the case. It was determined that although the victim had sustained some dog bites, all the bites were non-lethal and post-mortem. The grandmother was not "ripped to shreds" by the dogs but died from cardiac arrhythmia. Both dogs were eventually returned to their owners.]

Pit Bull Attack Victim Leaves Hospital WTVO (Channel 17) April 25, 2003
Man Struggles to Recover from Pit Bull Attack WTVO (Channel 17) April 29, 2003

The man in this case was never bitten by a Pit bull. Indeed, there is no mention of the dog making contact with the man at all. Instead, the man was running from the dog and he ran into the road and "slammed" into a passing van. He sustained serious injuries from the collision with the vehicle.

Pit Bull Horror New York Daily News February 7, 2004
Pit Bull Mauls 3-Year-Old's Face New York Newsday February 6, 2004

A Bronx family owned a Boxer dog and a German Shepherd puppy that usually were kept in the basement as guard dogs. Two days before the girl was bitten, the family took in a Pit Bull. The 3-year-old was alone playing with the three dogs when a dogfight started. At this point the girl was bitten in the face by the Boxer (also reported to be an American bulldog). It was later acknowledged that the Pit bull (also reported to be a Pit bull mix and a "pet bulldog") was not involved in the attack on the girl]

Cortland Pit Bull Mauling Death (Channel 12) Dec. 9, 2002

It was later determined that although the Pit bull participated in the death of 24-year-old Eric Tallman, the dog did not inflict the fatal wounds. The victim died from blunt force injury. It was later revealed that the victim was beaten to death by an acquaintance over a drug debt.]

Vancouver Girl Badly Injured in Pit Bull Attack CTV News Dec. 23, 2002

This was a very severe attack and as such garnered much media attention. As a result of more in-depth coverage the breed was later correctly identified as a Mastiff/Rottweiler mixed breed]

Family's Pit Bull Kills Boy, 20, months The Gainesville Sun May 8, 2000
20-month-old Killed by Bull Terrier Naples Daily News May 9, 2000

This child was not killed by a Pit Bull, nor a Bull Terrier, nor a "family" dog. How the dog came to be labelled a "Pit bull" is unexplained. The owner described the dog to be a Labrador/Mastiff/Rottweiler cattle dog. The dog was used to herd cattle and was kept chained on the property. Animal control and the Alachua Sheriff's office confirm the dog was a mixed breed. Photographs of the dog reveal no discernable breed.]

slayne said...

Where'd you find all those stories? Links please...

TheDogBlog said...

pitbulls are mean and kill people and other animals, Border Collies are the smartest breed of dog. Why would anybody want a pit bull anyways? They dont even have any fur!

Toad734 said...

Dog Blog:

You are obviously ignorant and know nothing of which you speak.

Poodles, pitbulls, Rottweilers and several other dogs are all just as smart as border collies and Pitbulls do have hair, they just don't shed as much as a border collie. I have been bitten by more border collies or collies in general than I have pitbulls so you need to make a better case for your asinine statement.

Stop Making Excuses said...