Wednesday, November 07, 2012

We Win! What it doesn't mean

For all the Ted Nugents, Trumps, Tebows and other morons out there erroneously quoting our founding fathers and suggesting that somehow the Democrats will take an early lead until the Republicans get home from work or how Obama only won because he was going to take away from those who work and give it to people who won't work need to realize this: First off,  in the case of Tim Tebow, you have to love the irony of a guy who sits around on a bench most of the day, not doing anything and collecting a pay check for doing nothing making a statement like that. Second, the reason Obama won Ohio and in counties like Perry Indiana with an automotive foundry is not because he was going to reward them for not having a job but because he SAVED their jobs. That's right, Obama won Ohio, Michigan and all the counties dependent on the auto industry because he vowed to make sure those people KEPT working...Not because they could benefit from not working.

Lastly, the only guy in this election who both in college and in his early life and for the last several years benefits from free money for not working, was Mitt Romney. Obama works and always has worked for his income.

The next time some mouth breathing Wal-Mart shopper tries to play that card, stuff a bag of Chick-Fil-A down their throats.

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