Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Debt Ceiling Grandstanding

The truth is, the Republican campaign donors are rich...As are most Republican Congressmen. The US defaulting will not stop the flood of contributions from oil companies or the Koch brothers. Their lives will not be affected by this; Yours will. The Republicans maxed out Daddy's credit card and now refuse to even pay the interest on their debt and instead, make it out to be Obama's fault. They are the ones who are not compromising. This debt limit increase is not so "Obama can spend more" or "give handouts to fat black women in the projects who had too many kids they couldn't afford". The debt limit needs to be increased to pay the interest on Bush's debt created by his $2.2 trillion dollar tax cuts and his 2 wars and shitty economy.

The Republican's just had a steak and lobster dinner and walked out without paying the bill. Period, end of story.


patrickmspeaks said...

So let me get this straight. This is all the fault of Bush and the Republicans?

This has nothing to do with Democrats not making the spending cuts they promised during the Reagan administration? Or the first Bush administration? Or the first two years of the Clinton administration when the Dems had 2 years to stop running up debt? And then there was the GOP congress that, along with the Clinton administration, managed to balance the budget for a couple years prior to the Bush spending binge? And what about the last two years of the Bush administration, when the Dems were sending all the spending?

And you're actually ignoring the fact that Obama has done nothing but quadruple down on Bush's debt?

The point, in case you were incapable of grasping it, is that BOTH PARTIES have been spending like idiots. And even now, parts of the GOP (like Boehner and McConnell) are trying to pass through cuts that don't have to materialize for years. Sadly, it's a minority that are actually trying to cut anything, and I suspect there would be cuts they would choke on if suggested.

This is why we can't get the Washington mess under control: One side lets their party slide and fuck us. The other has to oppose that and live on this idiotic wealth envy bullshit. So the only thing that drives Washington is, consequently, all that money you're so worried about.

But it goes both ways.

Toad734 said...

Reagan was the one racking up all the spending...Military spending under Reagan was 43% higher than what it was at the height of Vietnam. The national debt tripled under Reagan. Arrests for drug offenses rose 126% and the number of people in prisons doubled in 10 years from 1980. That shit cost money.

Clearly not all of this debt and spending was from the Republican side but we all know Clinton created a budget surplus which Bush squandered.

The change in debt against GDP under Carter was -3.3%. in Reagans first term was +11.3%, +9.3% in his second term, +13% under Bush and -.7% under Clintons first term and -9% under his second. +7.1% in Bush's first term and +20.7% in his 2nd term, half of which all houses were under Republican control. So far there has been an increase of 9% in debt under Obama, who is paying the interest on all of Bush's spending and paying dearly for his policies, wars, tax cuts, financial collapse, etc.

There are the cold hard facts. YOu are being lied to!

It's not wealth envy..The Democrats in office are probably just as rich as most of the Republicans..It's called fiscal responsibility. When my grandparents went to WW2, taxes went up and people made sacrifices....When Bush went to war he cut taxes and told people to go shopping and visit his brothers state for vacations. Someone has to pay for this and since the rich are the ones who got even richer under Bush's policies and in many cases, were the ones who came up with his policies and wrote and changed the laws and got $700 Billion or so of our tax money, it's time for them to pay it back. It was a nice 12 year loan we gave them but the balance is due. Don't worry, your taxes and life won't be affected in any way if the rich go back to paying the same tax rate the paid under Clinton, and guess what, the capital gains taxes will be half of what they were under Reagan...So don't give me that wealth envy bullshit.