Monday, April 18, 2011

Pay Your Taxes? These 10 Companies Didn't

Pay Your Taxes? These 10 Companies Didn't


dmarks said...

I saw the first one or two before a popup came up that would not let me get past it.

What a trashy site.

But.... i think this was a good post.

BB-Idaho said...

Well known companies all.
Curious, I checked out their CEO pay which totals
$133 million. Then thinking the odd concept that lower corporate taxes create jobs, I started checking how they were doing on that. After the first four, we find that a
total of 40,000 had been laid off, (although 20,000 had been created overseas), so no use checking further....

Toad734 said...

Oh ya, that's what's been happening since the 80s, you lower their taxes, the CEO raises his pay and then lays off workers...They get greedier. When you lower their taxes, they don't use that to pay their workers more either, it just goes into their pocket and they buy gold laced shower curtains for their wife.

I mean does anyone really believe that a guy who is making 15 million per year, netting 13 million, just doesn't have enough revenue to create more jobs but if we cut his taxes 3% , all of the sudden he will hire thousands of people?? It's the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

dmarks said...

Actually, we need to get rid of situations such as forced unionization which force companies to fire people and discourage from hiring.

The increased number of government-mandated benefits for full-time workers have also forced companies to rely more and more on part-timers and temps.

And now Obama's NLRB is tring to force Boeing to move jobs out of the country by preventing it from hiring American workers.