Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Rage of the Misinformed

A. The IRS has no power to enforce health care coverage. the IRS is prohibited from criminally prosecuting taxpayers who don't comply with the new mandates or issuing liens or levies as a penalty under the new law....They do however still have the power to audit tax cheats for instance. The Department of Health and Human Services are the ones who set up guidelines for "acceptable coverage".

B. The Revolutionary War was not over a tea tax, it was over taxation without representation.

C. He didn't mention why congress needs so many taxes which is to support our Empire, The Wars a conservative Republican started, Our defense budget which is more than twice that of North Korea, Iran, China and Russia combined, we have the 2 largest Airforces on the planet (1.US Airforce, 2. US Navy,), our 8 Billion dollar Agricultural subsidies which mainly go to rural, republican states such as Alabama, etc.

D. Where was he when Bush was actually taking away our "Constitutional rights"?

E. Neither Washington, Franklin or Adams ever owned a tavern

F. Sam Adams was not a brewer, he worked briefly for his father who sold malts to brewers. He also had absolutely no business sense whatsoever, which is one reason he went into politics.

And let's not forget the irony here of him supposedly talking to our founding fathers who were distillers, "brewers" and "tavern owners"(which they weren't) and how the tyrannical government is stifling business owners whilst in the state of Alabama it is illegal to sell alcohol in 26 of its 67 counties. Not only that, the state controls all hard liquor sales and pricing is also state controlled. Plus, no free business man is able to sell alcohol off premises after 2am, can't sell beer in containers over 16oz's or sell wine over 14.9% alcohol so if you like Port wine, you shouldn't live in Alabama. Plus you can't sell alcohol from any store other than a state run store on Sundays. Not only that, lets talk about all the self-auditing that has to be dealt with in the the 113 page Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Administrative Code.

And don't get me started on the shots of the guns and what they are trying to say with that and "gather your armies". By the way, in Alabama, impeach is synonymous with the term "lynch".

At the end of this commercial is should say, "I'm Rick Barber and I didn't fact check this message."


dmarks said...

"The Wars a conservative Republican started"

Saddam Hussein started the Iraq war (as he was attacking us before Bush was even in office), and Omar and Bin Laden started the Afghanistan war.

Are you trying to say they are conservative Republicans?

Toad734 said...

Saddam Hussein did not start the war, he did not attack sovereign US soil. Bush started that war,that's not even debatable.

Afghanistan did not attack us, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda attacked us and they have yet to pay for that crime because we were too busy in Iraq and Afghanistan.