Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Funny, Racist, Conspiracy Nut, Republicans

Soooo, this is a forum on health care which turned into a conspiracy theory gathering and then a Pledge Of the fucking Allegiance session...for some fucking reason! This was just a couple of days ago, not during the election when everyone thought Obama was an Arab Muslim terrorist who hated white people. What the hell is wrong with these people...aside from them being uneducated, ignorant morons, of course. I mean, just call him a nigger and get it over with. Is this all they have? So he has a funny sounding name, what other evidence do you have that he wasn't born in the US? And lady, providing us with your birth certificate doesn't make Obama's fake. Do you really think he would have been sworn in without a birth certificate?

These people are out there and they are armed and they think Jesus wants them to kill liberals, foreigners, Muslims, etc....Think about it. Maybe we should start forming liberal militias???

Certificate with stamp
Raised seal:
Raised Seal
1961 news paper birth announcement:
Birth Announcement

If anyone can produce as much proof for John McCain's or George Bush's citizenship I would be surprised. Wait, wasn't it John McCain who was actually not born in the United States???