Friday, June 12, 2009

How To Get 63% of Americans to Support Gay Marriage. (Maybe.)

This is an interesting article for the Libertarian types out there who call themselves conservative because they don't like the government telling us how many guns to own, pay taxes, where to send their kids to school, etc.

How To Get 63% of Americans to Support Gay Marriage. (Maybe.)

And if a religion decides the recognize gay marriage, isn't the government restricting the freedom of religion when it tells someone they can't marry a dude? I mean, kids do drink wine in church and that is illegal but overlooked due to the freedom of religion.


Green Eagle said...

I don't know how to get 63% of Americans to support gay marriage, but I do know how to get 83% of Republicans to support gay marriage.

Just put it into a bill with a ten dollar tax cut.

Toad734 said...

Or a new war against Arabs.

Patrick M said...

That article is pretty much the reason I'm kind of at an in between on this (that, and because I'm 24% gay according to the Facebook quiz I just took).

Part of the problem is that marriage is a social construct, created by governments (with supporting laws and tax benefits) as much as it is a religious ceremony. this is kind of why I favor getting rid of legal marriage in the first place, and just making civil unions (legal joinging of two people). Then let the churches figure out the whole marriage thing.

GE: Not gonna work. The social conservatives in the GOP are hellbent on fighting it, for some damned reason. You could probably stop taxing the rich us and start taxing the poor and it wouldn't matter. Something about the word of God, although I suspect JC would have a different point of view.