Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is Something You Won't Find on Fox News...Although I am Sure These People Watch Fox News


"If Obama wins, the Blacks will take over" Well, technically, a "Black" will take over the White(black)House. So I guess she is on to something.

"He's not a Christian" Well, actually he is, always has been and goes to church about twice per month.

"This is a Christian Nation" Wrong again. The largest religion in the United States happens to be Christianity but we are officially a secular nation with mostly secular laws. The Constitution even states that the government cannot endorse a religion. It also says that there can be no religious test to hold public office. So, even if Obama wasn't a Christian, he could still legally become President. Talk about clinging to religion.

"When you've got a nigger running for President you need a first stringer, He's definitely a second stringer". No analysis needed really but didn't Limbaugh get into some trouble when he said something like this about Donovan McNabb? And would McCain be a first stringer if he were black or would that automatically put him on the bench?

"Palin is filled with the holy spirit." Palin has definitely been filled up with a lot of spirit but I don't think it's the holy spirit, I think it's Todd's spirit. Clinging to religion!

"He's related to a terrorist" You mean that white guy who is 20 years older than Obama? What, are they brothers or something?

"I don't like the fact that he thinks us white people are trash" No, he doesn't think white people are trash but he does think YOU PEOPLE are trash; you have just proven so with this interview.

"Drill Baby Drill" Ya, drilling in ANWR and in deep water makes so much sense when oil is below $70 per barrell.

Now you understand how voter suppression in black neighborhoods in Ohio became so rampant in the last election.

I have one question, what has Obama blown up, what terrorist organization did he belong to, what are his goals (terrorists do have a goal), how is Obama a terrorist because he has met a guy who was a terrorist 30 years ago (but Mayor Daley and the President of Northwestern University isn't) and Todd Palin and Sarah aren't America hating terrorists because Todd hasn't been a member of the Alaskan Secessionist Party since 2006?

Being sheltered here deep in a blue state filled with normal, free thinking, educated people, it's easy to forget that the type of people in this video actually exist, shit, I think I may have even grown up with some of them. I would like to think that not all rural, white, middle/southern American's are like this but when you hear the things they say at these rather large rallies, you have to wonder. Knowing the majority of the U.S. population is concentrated in urban areas makes me feel a bit safer but when you think someone who is running for President of the United States is really a terrorist or really kills babies, there is really no hope for them and no hope for talking sense into them. The problem is that these are the people who get married when they are 18, pump out 5 kids and the cycle continues with the next Wal-Mart shopping generation. These are the people who are reproducing. The funny thing is the shit they are most worried about doesn't affect them at all. No terrorist is ever going to hit some small town in Ohio, no one is ever going to force them to have an abortion, force them to marry another dude and they will never make the kind of money which would subject them to higher Democratic tax rates, in fact, with all those kids, they probably don't pay any taxes and probably get back more than they pay. How is it that the Republicans can always convince and scare these people into voting for them? John McCain has 0 in common with these people, 0! McCain isn't even a born again like Bush. How is it that these knuckle draggers end up voting for the richest of the rich who only do the bidding of the rich? Do they still think that if you lower taxes on rich people that those rich people will come to their town and put new tires on their homes or give them a job cleaning their 8 houses? And all you hear from the right is about all the hatred coming from the left. I just don't get it.


Arthurstone said...

Never too dull witted to reproduce.

Poor kiddo.

Shaw Kenawe said...

It's almost over, my friends, and we can put this stomach-turning part of American history behind us.

PS. I do believe Palin will help in the destruction of the Repub. Party.

Anonymous said...

All of those rednecks in bum-f*#k are so bent out of shape about terrorists because they blew up some buildings in new York city? If only they realized how liberal most of those people were!

schreiber said...

haha, great post! you just got to love those enlightened people...