Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Audacity of Morons / Florida

From CNN: 4/24/08
Florida considers Christian license plate

Why is it that at least once per year I have to do a post about Florida?

So, this God-bob Florida State Rep has proposed a Christian license plate for his state. The plate would include a Christian cross and the words "I Believe" written on it is joined by an "In God We Trust" license plate in the proposal. Of course South Carolina and Indiana already have an "In God We Trust" license plate but at least those don't speak of a Christian God or have any overtly Christian symbols and somehow have remained legal as far as I know.

Thankfully, this proposal has yet to be approved as it is so blatantly a state sanction of one religion over another. If someone wants everyone to know that they believe in Jesus just buy a bumper sticker or paint a picture of the dead guy on the stick on the side of your car. There is no need for the state to sell you, profit from and then take those proceeds and donate them to a Christian cause. Every hillbilly on the planet would be up in arms if someone proposed a plate that said "I Believe" on it yet it showed a crescent moon and a star. If that's not allowed then neither is this. Even the sponsor of this bill, Edward Bullard said that he wouldn't endorse an Atheist version of the plate which would say "I don't believe". Well, that should tell you something but then again, it is Florida.

If you live in Florida, don't re-elect Edward Bullard.


Patrick M said...

Believe it or not (and I assume you won't for specific metaphysical reasons) I sort of agree with you in a sense.

If the state is only offering the Christian one, but not any other, there might be some bias here.

However, if they make some plates with the star and crescent, and the Star of David, and whatever the Wiccans are using for symbology these days, then it's perfectly fine. However, it may just be a matter of demand driving this as well.

Finally, all these personalized license plates are just a reason to make things more complicated when you have to get licensed. It would be easier, and cheaper, and more streamlined, to just make EVERYONE get a bumper sticker.

Toad734 said...

Theres a demand for weapons grade uranium, there was a demand for slaves but that doesn't make it ok.

Agreed, Why can't someone who loves jesus just get a bumper sticker.

This moron even said that he wouldn't support an Atheist plate so I can't imagine it would pass but then again, it is Florida.

And just think, these idiots are the ones who decide our President.

Patrick M said...

You're comparing weapons grade uranium (they use plutonium these days) to license plates? Oooooooookay.

And as long as Floriduh can avoid hanging any more chads then I'll stop picking on it, as I have Cleveland for that.