Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Give me a Brake

From CNN:A New York woman is so angry at Apple Inc. for lopping $200 off the price of the iPhone that she's filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages.

In 1985, a brand VCR would cost you around $300-$400. If you can find one today, it may cost you $40 and it comes with a remote. If they had only cost $40 in 1986, we would have had one but we didn't and there was a reason we waited. (Not so much savvy as we were poor)

Sony's first CD player was introduced in 1982; the CDP-101 would cost you $900. Today you can get a Sony 5 disc SACD player for $130 and a Discman portable for about $30. (Portable CD's were unheard of, kind of like SACD today)

In 1997 a RCA's first consumer DVD player retailed for $499. Today I can get (but I wouldn't) an RCA Progressive scan DVD player with HD up-conversion for $59 or a portable DVD player with screen for $199.

Clearly being the geek that I am, I have none of these cheap components but nor was I the first to run out and buy the new hot thing. (This is where I point out my superior logic and wisdom)

What I am getting at is that if you are the first idiot to buy a new technology, you are going to pay extra for it. Who doesn't know that? So would it have been ok if they waited 8 months to raise the price, what about 9 months, how about 50 years? What invisible law did Apple break, what was the statute of limitations of dropping the price of their own product? Maybe Apple should have raised the price of the Iphone instead, that would have been great for business. Supply and demand morons; at first there was a big demand, and then not so much. They were left with abundance of product and in order to move it they had to drop the price. It's not rocket science.

If what you paid for it wasn't worth it to you, why did you buy it?

I hope the judge confiscates her Iphone and sentences her to the electric chair just for being an ass.

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