Friday, September 21, 2007

The Ad Congress Should be Condemning

No, strike that. No one in Congress should be wasting their time waving their finger at someone who said something they didn't like. With a housing bust, thousands dead in Iraq, multi-billion dollar deficit, impending race riots, immigration, etc., anyone who chose to waste time and tax payer money by crying like babies about someone exercising their right to free speech and press should be fired. You can thank conservative Republican John Cornyn of Texas, for this valuable lesson in Democracy in action.

I have become a bigger fan of Obama today for not pandering to these tattle tells.

At least the Moveon ad is something that may have some truth and validity to it. Of course no one can prove that Betrayus is a puppet for the Bush regime but it certainly isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

The deceitful ad below was sponsored by the group Freedom Watch, who I can assure you, has no interest in protecting our freedoms and should probably change their name to something like "We Watch as You are Deprived of Your Freedoms and Jesus Used to ride the Fag Hating Dinosaur". That would probably be a more appropriate name for their organization. The funny thing about them is that on the front page of their website, obviously a bit outdated (Computers are too scientific for Republicans) says that they are currently awaiting the Petraeus report but that no matter what he says, they are going to make sure we never pull out of Iraq. If you already know you don't want to pull out of Iraq, what does it matter what Petraeus says?? I guess its possible they already know what he is going to say because he is the Presidents bitch-boy, in that case, the Betrayus ad was right.

Moving on, here is the Freedom Watch ad linking Saddam to 9/11 which everyone except for Ari Fleischer and the 4 other guys who make up Freedom Watch (Bush included)knows is a lie. How dare they exploit a wounded American vet for their own politcal cause.

It's obvious the Republican's don't like being Swiftboated.

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