Friday, August 31, 2007

Republican Family Values

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I guess Clinton's problem was that he had legal sex with a single woman, in private. Apparently if he would have followed Mark Foley's, Ted Haggard's, Larry Craigs's, Jack Ryan's, David Vitter's, Bob Allen's and Jeff Gannon's leads, he would have been ok.

When all you "values voters" go to the voting booth next year remember, you are a pawn and you are being lied to.

For a good time call: 202-224-2752, ask for Larry Boy.


Paul F. said...

What a bunch of queerdos. That's queers and weirdos combining to form a word.

Nölff said...

While Newt was holding impeachment trails on Clinton, he was having an extra-marital affair... and nobody mentions it.

Toad734 said...

As was Tom Delay. At least they were having affairs with willing women, one at a time.

Its gotten so bad that when a republican cheats on his wife with another woman it doesn't even make the news, it has to be an orgy, hookers, little boys or men in public bathrooms.

Dora said...

out all the hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

JFK got women like crazy, and I don't think that made the news. It's all about getting the ladies.;)