Monday, February 12, 2007

To the "Cut the Funding" Assholes at the Obama Speech

So we were at the Obama rally thing yesterday when the “cut the funding” people started screaming and shouting cutting Obama off in the middle of the healthcare section of his speech. Clearly Obama, who has always been against the war, was going to get to Iraq if they would have given him time but they didn’t. After telling them to let him speak, and the crowd shouting “Throw them out!”, security finally did just that.

My problem with these people is that they are wasting every ones time, including mine. Do they really think that an Obama rally is the heart of the pro-war movement? Do they really think that their views aren’t already represented in both the candidate and the crowd?? Obviously not all Democrats would agree with their view point of just completely cutting the funding tomorrow and pulling out telling Iraq to fuck itself but the debate is already on the table among Democrats. Any one who was on the fence on the issue is probably on the other side of it after yesterday’s stunt. If you want to disrupt someone and express your view to a crowd who needs to hear it then go to a Dick Cheney speech and do what you did. You’ll probably end up getting your fingernails pulled out but at least you would get your point across.

My advice to the “Cut the funding” assholes is this:

A. Shut the fuck up. You look like a bunch of childish dicks when you do crap like that and it doesn’t gain you any sympathy. The auditorium full of people wasn’t there to see you.

B. Get some balls; do that at a Bush speech and preach to someone other than the choir.

C. The majority of the people in this world, Including Iraqi’s 4 years ago, don’t have the right to do what you just did; don’t abuse that privilege. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

D. Go back to your dorm room and smoke another bong.


Anonymous said...

Wow you sounded just like a Republican when calling them "assholes" for expressing their first amemdment rights by telling a Dem who finally has some clout to cut the Halliburton funding.

ps- I, like many Dems, am scared of Obama for his affirmative vote on S.256, a Bankruptcy Bill, that favors the Credit Card Companies instead of working families.

Toad734 said...

If by Republican you just mean someone who knows that someone elses right to free speech ends when it starts to infringe on others rights then sure, call me a Republican. Screaming at the top of your lungs and drowning out the speaker in which everyone came to see is about as "free speech" as yelling fire in a crowded theatre.

Im not saying Obama is by candidate of choice. Thats why I went to see him. So far I prefer Edwards but anyone other than Hilliary or a Repbulican would be fine for me.

Anonymous said...

Well posting a sign that says "Cut the funding" is hardly yelling fire anywhere so don't get you panties in a bunch over your "listening" rights being infringed.

But before you were rocking out to Tina Turner and singing along with "Simply the Best" didn't you have the same reaction that alot of bong-hitting college kids had when they went to the polls last year --- that the Dems themselves would gain some cajones and fight back?

ps- Speaking truth to power in any situation is not an abuse of rights ... it just means some people can call you a dick while others may agree with you.

Toad734 said...

Them hanging a sign is free speech, them standing outside and chanting or otherwise not disturbing the flow of the event is free speech. Cutting someone off in mid sentence and infringing on everyone elses rights as money paying spectators is not free speech. Are you saying that someone could disrupt a Superbowl by spouting political chants through a megaphone under the guise of free speech?

Anonymous said...

Oh God Yes that would be superfantastic.

Using sporting events as political calls from injustice.

That would be great although I believe they tried that in Rome.

--McCain/ Falwell '08

United We Lay said...

Whatever we need to do to stop this illegal war is fine by me, but it would be good if we could not act like complete assholes.

Nölff said...

Obama and Hillary are here this weekend trying to win the affection of our Dem. Senators.

Meanwhile, McCain is going to be a speaker at an abstinence rally. <--- I'm not making that up.

Toad734 said...

You mean the guy with the illegitimate black kid?

Pablo said...

John Adams had illegitimate black kids.

Ryan said...

Yeah Toad- I do mostly agree. Although Im a supporter of free speech rights, I am also a detractor of stupidity rights. The point is that as noble a cause any may be it only takes one overzealous, loud talking, bad example to drawl a lot of people from really considering the point being made.

Like it or not, we do still like in America. It may always be the time, (in a time of War and allusions to Rapture), but this was not the place. While I feel protest is such a necessity now, only the choir was still listening.

Anonymous said...

This is abit late, but the point is, Obama is not the choir. He has voted 100% for war appropriations bills. He did not vote for the invasion but has consistently voted to prolong the occupation. Explain how that is even remotely peace voting (?). Obama's record shoiuld be exposed not protected.

Toad734 said...

But if he didn't vote for that the other side would say "He doesn't support the troops". Obama, unlike Hiliary, is and always has been opposed to the war. Very few candidates can say that. Would you rather vote for someone who did vote for the war or Kucinich?

By the way, like it or not, we are in this war. There is no reason to cut the funding of the people who are there because they have to be just because you don't agree with the position. We do still have to "support the troops".

Ms America said...

one of you batts mumbled this...but it would be good if we could not act like complete assholes Yes, that would be nice if you weren't such complete assholes but if you weren't complete than you'd be completely useless.

Toad734 said...

I think this is what you meant:

One of you bats mumbled this: "But it would be good if we could not act like complete assholes". Yes, that would be nice if you weren't such complete assholes but if you weren't complete, thEn you would be completely useless.

Does that make more sense?

If you're going to live in the kingdom, learn to speak the king's English.

Now, if you have anything of substance to discuss I'm all ears.

In what way are we "batts" assholes?? And who is we? Obviously I don't consider myself to be on the same level as the people at the speech just as I don't think all Republicans love to kill Arab babies and want to shred the constitution.

Unitari said...

Hey toad,
I respect your opinion, but i don't understand why as a democrat you are so against Hillary. I really don't like all the hype against Hillary. Most of the people who talk crap about her just dislike her for no good reason. I think she is the one who can win a general election and I don't blame her for playing the game (as Obama is also playing the game). I hope you change your mind about Hillary and not group her with conservative republicans, because there is a huge difference.

Toad734 said...

Hillary is a politician. She will change her views depending on who she is speaking to. When she is speaking in front of the NAACP she says that she is for reparations but in a white audience on national TV she doesn't support reparations. Frist off, anyone who ever said that reparations are a good idea shouldn't even be allowed to campaign for president. It's a dumb idea and even if we did give out reparations it should be what they were promised, 40 acres and a mule, not a bunch of cash. Besides, the government already gives plenty of free money to plenty of black people so really, we have already paid reparations. Oh and she also voted for war.

IM not saying any of the other candidates would stand strong on their stance under the same situations but I know she doesn't so....