Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lottery Players Suck!

Seriously, how many times have you had to stand in line at 7-11 for an extra hour because some loser is returning his tickets in exchange for his 2 dollars, or making the clerk play specific numbers which are probably the date one which this person last got laid? The state should pay someone to be on site at all times in order to man the lotto machine for these people who coincidentally have already bought their other items with state funded food stamps. All they would have to do is take the money out of the jack pot in order to pay these people; it's pretty simple.

The other thing about these idiots is well, for one, they will never hit the jack pot. The second thing that kills me is that when Powerball is at like 3 million no one cares but as soon as it hits 300 million people are standing in line for the tickets. The problem with this is that your odds of wining the 3 million are a hundred times greater than you wining the 300 million. Are you saying that you aren't interested in 3 million but you are interested in throwing 50 dollars out the window?

Just go to the Casino with all the other losers and let’s keep the time that it takes to buy a frozen pizza under the amount of time that it takes to make one myself.

Yes, I know my blog suck as of late. Bear with me as I am going through some life changes and have had other things on my mind. No, I am not becoming a woman or anything like that.


Boiled Owl said...

As you suggest, Toad, lotteries are a special tax for the mathematically impaired.

Boiled Owl said...

Hope all is well, by the way. Dem changes can kick yo ass.

Toad734 said...

I am all for taxing stupidity.

Mike V. said...

Gambling is evil.
Oh, sorry, we call it "gaming" now.

Study after study shows that the people who play the lottery the most are the ones that really do not have the money to spend playing said lottery.
Hey, a couple bucks a week is a hundred bucks a year which is a few bags of groceries.

When people go to Vegas and see the monuments to money and water flowing freely in the middle of the desert, do they really think they have a chance?

I'll spend a weekend drinking and smoking and drop a couple quarters in the slots and stuff, but overall, I have a serious issue with the ethics of gambling.

Unitari said...

I consider gambling in vegas equivalent to going to a stupid but entertaining movie, and I usually only bet the equivalent amount of money. i don't get the people who buy lottery tickets though. I imagine you can only get as excited about the lottery as you worry about getting struck by lightening.

I'm sorry you are not writing much these days , I'm a new fan.

Grant said...

Fortunately, some convenience stores around here have two windows and two cashiers on duty during the day, one of which is dedicated to lottery tickets.

The thing that really gets me is seeing workers bring their Friday paycheck into the store and convert it into booze and lottery tickets. Many I've seen purchase the liquor they need and then tell the clerk "Use the rest of it for tickets." They would probably do better to save those few dollars for later in the week when they run out of booze.

BTW, try switching to Japanese food. I feel much better on that diet.

Fred Haro said...

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