Friday, February 13, 2009

'Praise Darwin' Billboards Spark Reply

'Praise Darwin' Billboards Spark Reply


If you read the World Net article you will find that this ad campaign by zealots is in response to a group called Freedom From Religion's pro-Darwin anti theistic ad campaign which is in response to all the Jesus and God billboards you see on the highway while driving through the Bible Belt and Midwest.

The funniest thing about this billboard is that it is slamming Atheism for one of the main tenants of Christianity/Judaism/Islam; the notion that an all perfect being called God was created out of nothing. Somehow, they think this argument is a slam dunk on how evolution is impossible but what it tells me is that God couldn't possibly exist since he had no creator. Using the scientific method, I just want to know which is more likely:

A. An all perfect, all knowing, all powerful being was created out of nothing and who after living for millions of years, gets bored and creates a dude but oops, not good enough, then creates another being, a woman, who ruins man's paradise and then this "god" offers no other proof of his existence yet still commands you follow "his laws" which includes handing over part of your income to "his" church. And this all happened about 10k years ago and Pangaea breaking apart had no real effects on humanity who, by the way, used to ride Dinosaurs to church.

B. Some basic matter and amino acids seemingly appear out of nowhere, although no scientist actually states that they did appear out of nowhere, that's just the point where we can no longer find any evidence of a more distant beginning, and once these amino acids combine to form proteins it spurs the billions of years of evolution which ultimately leads to life on Earth leaving behind a fossilized blue print of this evolution which can be easily chronicled and studied.

By the way, faith isn't scientific; it cannot be measured.